Re: Chase's religious beliefs?

Montefalco, I wish I could say I completely agree with you.

Chase primarily spotlights Catholicism, or more so, an impious concourse on-high within what is elsewhere considered consecrated.

Show me an explicit perceptual-experience translated in sleep or consciousness on this show where Islamic prophet Muhammad is satirised and furnished with a hard-on shaped like an ASM-missile; how about the founder of Buddhism, cranked up on crystal-meth bumping into Tony or any of his goons and begging for directions to the nearest motel so that he can 'get some shuteye'; maybe God with a T-shirt saying 'the Tetragrammaton A-OK', sitting on the same toilet Johnny Sac used at the Bing yet here wiping his butt with the Torah?

It just doesn't apply, does it?

Sorry if anything above outrages you or anyone, but if Chase can get away with depicting 'The Virgin Mary' practically pole-dancing at a strip-joint, surely I can get away with this on here?

I guess it's Chase's refusal to disambiguate what he's really trying to say regarding the Catholic faith, where most of my concern lies. Or, in what could be construed as him specifically foreswearing this faith most of all, be it through how he chooses to portray certain character's mindsets (or not) at any given time.

In 'The Ride', it could also be interpreted that by having Paulie 'symbolically' return home to his 'unnatural mother' at the close of the episode, Chase is renouncing the Catholic concept that The Virgin Mary was 'much more than just a vessel' for the carrying of Christ. Paulie's inner conflicts aside, after his vision Chase has him consider his 'vessel' into this world as nothing more than that and has him return to the person that he always regarded as his real mother.
It's very touching in a way on the surface, but, to me, contains representative undertones of denial where the Catholic concept of The Virgin Mary is concerned.

At the end of the day, there has been far too much hatred spawned out of how those that have the power to communicate to the masses deliberately court controversy to further promote their product.
Look closer to home where confusion fused with certain religious interpretation helps breed hatred and results in mass murder on the streets of Ireland and multiple slayings within a divide in Scotland.

The key here is clarity, before controversy.

To paraphrase Mr. Chase:

"There is an intent behind some of my work that I didn't even know was there"...

Not writing him off just yet though. <img src= ALT=":evil"> <img src= ALT=":D">


Re: Chase's religious beliefs?

Some of Chase's negative attitudes with the Roman Catholic Church probably has to do with his own life. He is Italian, his name Chase is an Americanization of his original last name, something like Chersare. He mother had him out of wedlock, so probably she was ostrersised by her family and of course by the Church. She probably then chose to follow and raise her child a Baptist as they were a little less obcessed with her 'whore' beheavor. That probalby explains the name change too.
His attitudes may also explain the depiction of the Virgin Mary in the Bing as a whore/dancer vision of Paulie. He saw his Aunt/real mother to be a Virgin, but when he finds out she was his mother, he saw his mother as a whore and one who lied to him about the truth.
He also often depicts in his shows that the Roman Catholic Church, and a number of faiths are seriously flawed and hyprocritical. He even mocked Buddists (Tony's NDE dreams), has played with the stereotypes of Jews (as in the Credit Card scam with the hotel owner), showed Islamics as a bunch of condictering phonies (the friends of Chris).
Yes, the temp priest was morally right in not continuing the sweethart deal that screwed the parish and supported the mob, especially as in many churches they don't have as many or many well off parishioners as they used to yet have growing demands for their help and mission. He did use moral persuasion in that re-do of the deal to up the ante and correctly so. It also parrells real life situations where the mob controlled the stands and so on of the San Germino festival in NY City's Little Italy and it was broken up a few years ago.
To me Chase believes in a God, but has problems with organized religion, not something uncommon for many today.

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