The "Aprile Curse"

For those wondering what the Aprile Curse is, it is a streak that has affected members of both the Aprile blood family and the leaders of the Aprile crew since the death of Jackie Aprile in 1999

Richie Aprile
(198X-1990;2000; Deceased, murdered)

Jackie Aprile, Sr.
(1990-1997; Deceased, cancer)

Gigi Cestone
(2001; Deceased, heart attack)

Ralphie Cifaretto
(2001-2002; Deceased; murdered)

Vito Spatafore
(2002-2006; Deceased, murdered)

Aprile Family:

Richie Aprile- Brother of Jackie Aprile, Sr., murdered in 2000
Jackie Aprile, Jr.- Son of Jackie Aprile, Sr., murdered in 2001
Adriana LaCerva- Niece of Jackie Aprile, Sr--Murdered in 2004
Vito Spatafore- Nephew of Jackie Aprile, Sr., murdered in 2006)

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