Lorrain Bracco on The View, March 9th.

lbracco.com has the whole thing on WMP, which is good 'cause I missed it. No real spoilers, but there is a tiny clip of a therapy scene.

Bracco was raving about the first episode (and the 2nd, and the third!), as was Star Jones, who's seen the first three. Bracco said the tone is a "little darker and a little sadder".
She also says she truly believes there's a love story between Tony and Carmela and that Chase apparently thinks so too.


Re: Lorrain Bracco on The View, March 9th.

Hmph, I read your post wrong the first time and thought it was a love story between Tony & Melfi. And while to a certain extent, I believe there is something there between them, I wouldn't exactly classify it as a love story, although, the more I think about it, the more I might agree with the statement.

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