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Looks like they'll be going back and reviewing the entire series this summer, starting with the 1st episode.

I really agreed with the author's premise of the re-watchings; namely that in the last few years, as much of a cultural touchstone the series still was, it became somewhat underrated.

With popular culture becoming more and more fractured, I doubt we'll ever see a series with as much critical and popular scutiny placed on it again.

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I have been watching the series again and I am in the middle of season 2 right now.

There are very slim pickings at the moment. Treme is very good and there is Mad Men coming up and then Dexter later in the year. No Curb for now.

However it was the Sopranos that set the standard for intelligent television.

Watching this again especially in the light as to how it ended gives the show another dimension. I remembered the feeling I had when I first watched these episodes and wondered how it would end for this New Jersey mobster and family man.

This series should be studied at university up there with Shakespeare and the Greek plays.

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I'M IN I literally run a continuous loop of Sopronos seasons in the background while i work in my home office. I would love to tackle new viewing of the older episodes from the beginning. So many new views and interpatation, both from the immediate episode and how 6 seasons later may have played into how it was created or the other way around. Lots of indivdual and quirky comments and events that need to be tackled again or for the 1st time. For instance while john heard is peeing next to tony and he says the guns not behind the toilet. I need to revist some things. Count me in and get me and get me the game plan

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That's a funny line from John Heard. Not sure if I caught that. But yeah, I'll play along, too.

The first season is awesome. It stands out for a few reasons. One is the fact that it is really densely plotted. There's a sizable segment of Sopranos fans that say that the first season is the zenith of the series (not me). I think they're responding to the fact that there's very little of the storytelling that is wasteful (this leads to this which results in that, which causes that... ).

(It also takes me to the Wire, because I think that was a really plot-y show, and again, critics really responded to that.)

After the first season, the show definitely was not as tightly focused. Some saw that as a weakness in storytelling (why are they wasting their time on this, who cares about Meadow's frinds...) . I dunno, to me that was where the show hit a stride. It took on the rhythms of life. You really did not know what to expect from episode to episode. If plot point A happened in the prior episode, it may not be addressed in the subsequent episode. Even worse, it may never be addressed (lol).

I also think the first season, outside of a few obvious examples, was the tone-wise, the "lightest" of all the seasons. It even veered in my opinion a little to close to quirkiness (he's a mob boss, but his mother and shrink give him a harder time than any mobster!!)

But, for reasons to numerous to mention, this 1st season was as masterful as anything TV ever produced.

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