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Hey, if nothing else, it's pretty neat that something brought a lot of the long-time/old time posters out of hiding. And glad you're finding a Sopranos renaissance, UP. It's always best to share it with a first-timer.:icon_mrgreen:
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Re: Biggest Soprano topic in 5 years

I'm watching the series in full again this May.

JLTucker wrote:It upsets me that some of the actors complained about money. Falco's comment on it is golden.

Falco: There was a period of mutiny within the cast members, who thought we should be getting more money, and this was a very complicated issue, because I know HBO was making a lot of money. The actors were like, "Yeah, we need to renegotiate our contracts. We're not getting enough." There was like a sit-in, like the shutdown of the set. It was like "Occupy Vesuvio." And I thought, Are you fucking kidding me? I worked at restaurants for 20 years, and this thing comes along and I'm going to complain about not getting enough money?


There's an anecdote in the article about Gandolfini giving cast members $30k after his renegotiation. If he could afford to do that, he didn't need more money.

Re: Biggest Soprano topic in 5 years

Thanks for the link and the heads up on the article. 5 years since the end of the series. Feels like a lifetime. The Sopranos really did set the standard for quality television. In fact it's surpassed cinema as a literary medium. If it wasn't for Chase we wouldn't have the likes of Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, The Wire and so on. Interesting to read everyone's experiences. Perhaps HBO should consider an anniversary retrospective where we see and hear from all of the participants. Chase alone would be worth the price of admission.
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