Van Zandt's new mob project on Netflix

Thought this was way too cool not to post on my long lost favorite website.
I was amazed i hadn't heard about it till now and was only mildly curious till i caught the trailer for it at the bottom of the article. Too close to Silvio? Don't know yet but i thought it was rather clever. Might be enough for me to finally sign up netflix-It was the only reason i signed up for HBO in 2000

Re: Van Zandt's new mob project on Netflix

Curious to know if anyone else has caught this. You can basically get it for free as netflicks gives you the 1st month free of charge and you can watch all 8 episodes whenever you want.

It's pretty much Silvio in Scandanavia. Had this been released 2 or 3 years ago I have no doubt we'd be quite taken in by it here. I'm finding it interesting on a lot of differnt levels. From production to the largely Norwegian cast to Netflicks attempt at creating original programming on no budget, the fact that it's rather entertaining is almost a bonus.
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