Today in History

There were a lot of other things that happen today in history, so i edited it down to just these to keep it on topic

Today In History

By: MetroSource News

On this day:

In 2002, Mafia figure John Gotti died on this date from complications of cancer. "The Dapper Don," was as known for his connections to the Gambino crime family as he was for his movie star demeanor. Gotti died in prison while serving a life sentence on racketeering charges. He was 61.

In 2007, after six storied seasons, HBO's hit mob drama "The Sopranos" came to an end. The series finale found Soprano family members Tony, Carmela and AJ gathered at a diner, with three mysterious men in the background and Tony looking around nervously. As Soprano daughter Meadow enters the diner, the screen goes to black and the background music stops abruptly, before the credits begin rolling. The ambiguous ending left many fans disappointed and wondering whether or not mob boss Tony Soprano lived to see another day.
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