My podcast, Previously On... (with Sopranos content)

Hopefully Fly and the other moderators won't object to me posting this here...

I do a podcast, with a friend of mine, entitled Previously On.... It is a weekly television discussion podcast, in which we talk about the previous 7 days in television, both what has aired and what is in the news. The goal is to treat worthy television with the respect it deserves, and to have fun with the rest of it. Occasionally, though, we've been doing special episodes on older series; our most recent episode is all about the great HBO sketch comedy show "Mr. Show with Bob and David," and, more on topic, in November and December we did a retrospective on "The Sopranos," which hopefully Chase Loungers will enjoy. You can check it out at, in iTunes, or on Twitter.

P.S. Much respect and gratitude to everyone here for informing my thoughts and theories on "The Sopranos." Hopefully nothing I said on the podcast was outright thievery!
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