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I hate to be a wet blanket, but I don't think there is anything in that link that really points to a movie. The article almost sounds like one of those auto-generated entertainment industry things (complete with syntactical/grammatical errors) you see all over the internet these days to bring traffic to a site, stuff recycled and reshuffled from other sites, most of it very outdated. The only quote that has any credibility is the one from Bracco (I remember when it was first published), and it's at least two years old.

Chase is said to be working on the feature film he has in the pipeline with Paramount, and after that he is slated to write a miniseries for HBO called "Ribbon of Dreams". I suspect both of those projects are of much more interest to him now than a Sopranos movie. If the latter ever happens (which I personally gravely doubt), I'd wager it's at least another 5 years before it's even announced.
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Maybe it's just me, but I can't understand why so many people want a movie. Even if you forget the lack of characters by the end and the fact that it would mean definitively answering the "Is Tony dead?" question, which I personally don't want, think of any other movie made after the end of a television series. Hell, Sex & the City is probably the most perfect example, especially being from HBO. While the show itself was, of course, nowhere near the Sopranos, it was still a fun little series that was smarter than people gave it credit for, it didn't wear out it's welcome and it ended satisfyingly. Then they come along with two films, and by the second, the "franchise", if you will, had turned into exactly what people (especially males) had accused the show of being all along...four wealthy selfish sex-crazed harpies with ridiculous wardrobes and no respect or concern for anything outside of their immediate orbit. The only successes I can think of when it comes to a television series being made into a movie are when the film comes out twenty to thirty years after the show is off the air, and it's more of an affectionate parody, like the Brady Bunch or the Addams Family.

I understand people want the Sopranos to go on forever. But the reason the show can be looked back on as a masterpiece is because they DIDN'T go that extra season, or do a Christmas special. Or, of course, a big-budget movie where Chase would probably have to make a whole bunch of compromises. Unless, of course, you want Meadow recast with Selena Gomez in the role and a cameo from the Situation.

PS - Sorry if this came off as too harsh, especially as my first post. Let me know and I'll dial it down.

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One more thing: Make sure you remember who asks for a movie adaptation of their beloved book or television show. Majority of the time, they're the same people who then bitch constantly about how terrible it is once it comes out. See: The Last Airbender, Avatar
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