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Today's News: Our TakeSopranos Actress Denise Borino-Quinn Dies at 46
Oct 30, 2010 05:43 PM ET
by Kate StanhopeBe the first to leave a comment..Denise Borino-Quinn, best known for playing mafia wife Ginny Sacrimoni on The Sopranos, has died, according to The Associated Press. She was 46.

Borino-Quinn died Wednesday after a long battle with liver cancer, according to the Farmer Funeral Home in Roseland, N.J. Her husband, Luke Quinn Jr., passed away in March.

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A Roseland native, Borino-Quinn was hired for The Sopranos after attending an open casting call with a friend in 2000. She had no previous acting experience before playing the role of Ginny Sacrimoni, the wife of mobster John "Johnny Sack" Sacrimoni who struggled with a weight problem.

Aside from acting, Borino-Quinn worked at a New Brunswick, N.J.,

Re: RIP Ginny Sacrimoni

That's truly tragic. Much too young for anyone to go, 46. I will always remember her work as an actress, particularly the episode "The Weight." Amazing to think that both she and Vincent Curatola did not have much acting experience prior to working on the show, and yet they inhabited those characters, and that relationship, so completely. My condolences to her family.

Re: RIP Ginny Sacrimoni

This is a shock. Condolences to her family.

Her contributions to The Sopranos were unique and outstanding. The Weight remains a favorite episode, and it will have new poignancy for me the next time I watch it.
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