Twin Peaks and The Sopranos: A mutual admiration society

As a big fan of both shows, I found this interesting: David Chase is on record as being a big fan of "Twin Peaks," questioning whether his show measured up to those early episodes as great television, and even supposedly claiming "The Sopranos" was "Twin Peaks set in New Jersey." Now it looks like "Twin Peaks" co-creator Mark Frost is a fan. Here's the quote:

The one that meant the most to me was David Chase saying that The Sopranos had been influenced by the show. He felt it had given him the freedom to go places narratively that he hadn't really considered before (a dream sequence, say) and the notion that he could have a sprawling cast and still be able to service them all. His was the last show I watched with enduring interest. I don't watch network television any more.

As troubled a production as "Twin Peaks" was by the end of its run, it's great to hear that these two are fans of each others work. They're both shows that have meant a lot to me and are undeniably special.

Re: Twin Peaks and The Sopranos: A mutual admiration society

I adore Twin Peaks (well at least the first season, and last episode and Fire Walk with Me). I also remember a quote from Chase stating if he even remotely got close to Twin Peaks dream-like quality with the Soprano's dream scenes then he would be very pleased. I have always loved Lynch's surreal work, and find that Sopranos, outside of TP has done the best job depicting what dreams really "feel" like.

Re: Twin Peaks and The Sopranos: A mutual admiration society

When it comes to ambiguous dream sequences and trying to work out which sequence is "real" then don't go past Mullholland Drive.

I also like to add that perhaps both Lynch and Chase have themselves been inspired by the classic series The Twilight Zone. It might also be worthwhile to acknowledge the twists that both creators had in the denouments of their stories are in the style of Rod Serling.
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