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Hi Paul. Thanks for the transcript. Dominic's comment about "Any Way You Want It" was an interesting way of looking at the final scene. And if you look at all the other song titles while Tony is flipping through the jukebox selections one might get some inkling as to what might have been Tony's fate.

However the B-side song was NOT the song that was played and perhaps had that been chosen then maybe the ending would have been more than just apparently ambiguous.

I don't know if you followed the on-going and usually quite spirited debates on this board since the finale. But generally it has been a quite sharp and distinct divide between Tony was whacked (or 86ed) and "life goes on".

The impression I got from reading Dominic's comments is how little Chase revealed his intentions to the cast. They seem to be no different from the audience themeselves in trying to workout what happened at Holsten's. (On the other hand Michael Imperioli was quite definite about what happened to Tony).

My personal feeling is that the scene was quite an overt homage to the "Twilight Zone" (a show which was featured prominently within the Sopranos). While many viewers became convinced "nothing happened" (and that was primarily a complaint) there was a TZ style twist that followed an ostensibly mundane scene in a diner.

In the light of of Chase's subsequent comments about"it's all there" and "you never hear it coming" I wonder whether you still think it was a "Lady or the Tiger" scenario?:icon_wink:.

Re: Interview with Dominic Chianese

Thank you, that transcript was fantastic! Very insightful- and in addition to shedding more light on Chase's Shakespearian genius, shed quite an interesting light on what made Coppola tick when working with Chianese while filming The Godfather.

Didn't realize they made Bobby wear a pillow to look even fatter, LOL! :icon_biggrin:

And meanwhile, conkom, your remarks are once again just absolutely patronizing, offbase and have nothing to do with the flavor of the interview or the thread. If you try to turn this thread into another platform to sell your POV, i will no longer post in this thread.

Re: Interview with Dominic Chianese


I am not being patronizing or offbase! I am merely stating my point of view. I was curious to know what the original poster of this thread thought about my suggestions.

But I do think you have are being provocative and mean-spirited by not allowing anyone to have an alternative view to yours. I have never asserted that my arguments are the absolute objective truth but contributions to an ongoing debate.

I have never denigrated or trivialised your opinions and contributions (or anyone else's). At the very most all I have done is disagreed.

I am actually amazed that the moderators of this message board have tolerated and even indulged your tantrums. You have been rude to me and several other well meaning posters.

Re: Interview with Dominic Chianese

I am taking further comments regarding the moderation of this thread to private messages because, though it's sometimes more expedient to do otherwise, I'm not fond of using the public boards to issue or respond to squabbles, "threats", or ultimatums. Please confine further posts in the thread to the Chianese interview that was the basis for it.
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