Re: The Sopranos is (Un)officially the best show of the 2000

Detective Hunt wrote:That's great to hear. On too many lists, I've seen The Wire easily outdistance the Sopranos. While I have no doubt that The Wire is a great show, I just don't see how it compares to the greatness of Tony and the gang (not in my eyes at least.)

Amen, Amen. And not only that, on an unrelated forum I visit sometimes, Battlestar Gallactica was the easy #1 with shows like Six Feet Under and Lost even ahead of Sopranos (as well as the Wire). I know there's no such thing as "objective truth" in taste, but that's just flat out hard to swallow.:icon_rolleyes:

There's been nothing EVER on television that is even in the same league, as far as I'm concerned, and I tried watching at least bits of most of the highly touted shows, including Battlestar Gallactica (dad1153 generously GAVE me the entire first season on DVD, but I repeatedly was unable to get through even a single episode . . . yes, I found it that bad and trite.) If you value a combination of unflinching truth about the ugliness in humanity and in the world, emotional and psychological depth, spiritual/existential investigation, the intelligent use of symbolism and subtext, black humor where nothing is off limits, and exquisitely drawn characters that are as authentic and real as people you know, then it's just hard for me to see how anything approaches it. The only comparison that doesn't completely insult me is The Wire, and even it isn't close to being as deep and completely brilliant as The Sopranos.
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