Latest hint at a movie

Thought i'd post this for a couple of reasons:
1. There is absolutely nothing else being posted during the hot summer months
2. There's some possiblity of this actually carring some weight. Van Zandts radio show is apparently hugh in ireland so i'm hoping the extra media attention he received enticed little steven to break some news with this instead of a quick soundbite in the states.

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Monday, 13 July 2009

It was one of the biggest cliffhangers in TV history — what really happened to Tony Soprano? Now fans of the hit series may be finally about to find out.

Steve Van Zandt, who played the New Jersey mob boss's right hand man Silvio Dante, has hinted that a movie could be in the offing in the future.

The final season of the show ended two years ago with a massive shoot-out between two rival groups, leaving Van Zandt's character battling for life and the fate of Tony Soprano unknown.

The actor, who was in Dublin playing with Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, said: “Sil is still alive.”

He suggested that fans may not have seen the last of the character, although a film may take a few years to come to fruition as James Gandolfini (Soprano) and creator David Chase have other projects on the go.

“They have to do some other things. Jimmy has a hit show on Broadway, which is great. Dave has to do a movie or two,” said Van Zandt. “Is it impossible to think we might do a movie? No. It is a possibility. But it ain't going to happen for another few years.”

The E Street Band took to the stage in the RDS both on Saturday and last night. Fans were told to think of requests before coming to the Dublin shows as the band have introduced a new segment to their performance.

“We have built in a spontaneous first half of the show where we take requests and play what they want,” said Van Zandt.

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Re: Latest hint at a movie

hmm, i wonder if he has actually talked to chase about this. kind of reminds me of tom arnold telling everyone they were definitely gonna make true lies 2.

i would love nothing more than to see a movie that finally gives the show an ending.

Re: Latest hint at a movie

I would say this is just Van Zandt confirming the obvious, really: his character was alive at the end of the series, and there is certainly room to believe that Tony was still alive, too. Chase has committed to two projects that should take several years to complete and would be unavailable to even consider any Sopranos project before then. And Stevie is undoubtedly savvy enough to know that these movie sequel/reunion things naturally take a while to ferment, if they ever get done at all.

But the language in the actual quote from him is very open and non-commital and doesn't suggest to me that he's had any conversation with Chase wherein Chase indicated interest or intention of doing a movie. Chase was smart enough to never rule it out himself, even before the finale aired, although he didn't think he would ever want to do it. So I think we're in pretty much the same place we always were.

But I'm glad you posted it, bloodshot. At least there is SOMETHING to generate a little talk around here.:icon_mrgreen:
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Re: Latest hint at a movie

I wonder sometimes how much of what Chase intended was communicated to the cast. There is no doubt that at the final moment of the show Sil was still alive although in a deep coma in hospital.

But Michael Imperioli did make it quite clear that he believed that Tony was as dead as Christopher.

And as several regular posters are aware I always thought that Chase made his intentions clear about Tony's fate and he himself has more than implied Tony met his demise at Holsten's.

However he did play it both ways with a subtle device in the said scene which he could utilise to resurrect the Don if he wanted to.

But what exactly would be gained in continuing the Sopranos saga post-Holsten's? Could a three hour movie add anything to the narrative?

The Sopranos is not Sex and The City and I hope Chase doesn't spoil a great series just because it might make (more) money for him and HBO.

But if it does get made then I will definitely be standing in line at the cinema but with considerable trepidation.

Re: Latest hint at a movie

Agree with all those points, Fly. I really have very little interest in seeing a movie. The cast and crew of Sopranos would love to come back and do more (with the exception of the two most important people, Chase and Gandolfini) or at least that is the way it has rubbed me. Gandolfini has mentioned how draining the show was for him emotionally (and can anyone argue it, just LOOK at his performances) and Chase seems to have told the story the way he wanted to, more or less.

Of course other crew and cast would love to come back, since Sopranos will always be the highlight in many of their resumes. This is not to say they won't do other notable work, but not much can equal the force or quality of Sopranos. So I would be willing to bet every couple of months we will get some sort of tease like this. An effort by those involved to spark interest in Chase.

I really hope it never takes form though. And that is for the reasons mentioned in the first paragraph, as well as the fact that while each episode was structured, in scope, like a movie, the series works best and is most effective as a whole. The real payoff for the slow boil of the early episodes comes later on in each season. How would this play out in a movie format? The slow boil and tension which rose for 11 episodes to explode, would be condensed to 1 hour and 45 minutes?

The Sopranos has always been a show where characters drove the plot, and not the opposite. Friction and plot development took time to cohesively mold. Making us care about the characters before things "hit the fan". Under the demands of a movie, this would not be the Sopranos we loved every week. It would not be like having a 7th season. At the most it would just whet our appetite for a show that we miss. And, personally, I could do without that. I would rather just look back fondly and be happy for the excellence that we received.

Re: Latest hint at a movie

Yes it's that time to update this thread. The latest comment from a cast member about a movie. Granted it's from the guy who's said there wouldn't be one from the very beginning. Hearing it from Bracco though seems to be more worrisome though since she seemed to be the most excited about it's possiblilties when last questioned about it. Anyway, quick blip in Newsday:

'Sopranos' movie not going to happen, actor Michael Imperioli says

Friday, September 18th 2009, 4:00 AM

Corkery/News'Sopranos' actor Michael Imperioli doesn't see the HBO hit series making it to the big screen. Sopranos" fans who are hoping to see their favorite gangsters come to the big screen can, well, fuhgeddaboudit.

"I don't think there will be one," Michael Imperioli confessed at Tuesday's screening of his directorial debut, "The Hungry Ghosts," in NYC.

Added his former "Sopranos" co-star Lorraine Bracco: "There is no movie. It's never going to happen, as far as I know

Read more: "'Sopranos' movie not going to happen, actor Michael Imperioli says" -

Re: Latest hint at a movie

Like I said in an earlier post Imperioli made it clear in an interview that Tony was "dead".

It appears that Bracco, despite her enthusiasm about a movie must have been set straight about what happened to Tony, maybe even by Chase himself.

But let's not forget that Tony and all the characters in the series are nothing more than fictional constructs that sprang from the brilliant mind of David Chase, and these were made "real" by the performances of each of the actors. They were never really alive in the first place.

The world of the Sopranos ceased to exist the moment the Holsten's scene cut to black. It was probably the intention of Chase to end that world the moment the fictional character of Tony Soprano lost his consciousness, represented by the black screen.

A follow-up movie or series would only spoil all that came before.
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