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JLTucker has a review for the first season on Blu-Ray. It was given 3 stars out of 5 for video and 4 for audio. This is what was said about the video:

Ah, you beat me to it. I was just about to post this. I think it is notable to mention that first season was destined to look the worst, since it would require the most work to bring it up to HD par. The standard fans (meaning, non-critics who notice the minute details) seem very pleased with the set outside of the packaging.

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JLTucker wrote:I will have the entirety of season six on Thursday, so I'll let you know how it looks from my view.

I think both seasons 6a and 6b look and sound absolutely superb on blu-ray. The blacks are incredibly deep, and sound (especially the intro) uses the music to a great extent. I feel like sound is often forgotten in discussions of blu-ray. And while The Sopranos isn't going to rock your speakers like some films will, the ambient sounds are great, as well as the ending of each episode when credit music punctuates the ending perfectly.

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JLTucker wrote:I always like the sound design whenever the crew is in the Bada Bing office.

Oh true! It is great because of the acoustics. You can hear the great dialogue, but the party-stripper music is muffled in the back, yet still audible and clear.

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Apart from the packaging of the first part of season six having dents and at one point torn, I'm satisfied. I just watched the opening montage of the season and it's still fresh. Just watching the conversation between Tony and Eugene reminds me why I love this show so much; the reaction Tony has when he learns about the $2 million Eugene inherited is uninterpreted by him, but to the audience, it screams "GIVE ME THE MONEY!"

It looks fantastic, though the grain is a little plentiful for my taste. Garth is correct in that the black levels are phenomenal. They are deep, and lend spectacularly to the cinematography.

Unfortunately, because I'm watching the episodes in 1080p, terrible ADR is noticeable. Hesh and his relative walking towards the car is a perfect example.

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I don't understand what the hold up is either. It seems that some of HBO's most popular (and best) series have yet to get a complete proper blu-ray treatment. Examples... The Sopranos seasons 2-5, Six Feet Under, The Wire, Sex and the City. It's odd.
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