Sopranos Cast Members Hosting SNL??

Not sure if this topic belongs here or in the "Kitchen Sink".

I was wondering if any of the cast of the show ever hosted "Saturday Night Live" while "The Sopranos" was in the midst of it's run?

What about "Mad T.V." or any other sketch comedy or variety type shows?

Also did "SNL" or "Mad TV" ever do any memorable bits/sketches spoofing the show?


Re: Sopranos Cast Members Hosting SNL??

I don't watch SNL regularly, but I'm not aware of ever having heard that anyone did. I would be surprised if Gandolfini were never offered the opportunity to do it given the iconic status of both the show and his character. I suspect he was offered the chance and turned it down, given his discomfort with doing or appearing anywhere in public as himself.

The only other actors I could see being offered the chance would be Edie Falco and Michael Imperioli, although I thing either of them would have been glad to do it, so that makes me suspect they were never offered.

But the Sopranos does seem made for the satire of SNL, so it's an interesting question.
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Re: Sopranos Cast Members Hosting SNL??

Gandolfini did appear on SNL once, doing a Weekend Update piece on the Jim McGreavey scandal. This aired the summer after the 5th season of the show. Looks like I can't embed video, but here's a link: That's the only appearance from a Sopranos cast member on either of the major sketch shows, that I'm aware of. It's a good piece, actually - I wouldn't be surprised if a Sopranos writer or James himself had contributed a lot to the writing of it (or maybe it's just the performance that sells it).

As far as bits spoofing the show, Mad TV had a decent one about the show airing on PAX that's easily viewable on YouTube, and SNL had two that I can remember: one around the time of the fifth season premiere of the show in which none of the characters can remember what happened last season due to the long hiatus, and a second with one of Molly Shannon's characters auditioning to be a Bing dancer (less a spoof on The Sopranos than an excuse for Shannon to do some physical comedy).

Re: Sopranos Cast Members Hosting SNL??

All the Sopranos spoofs from other shows are included in the boxed set, and they can also be found on YouTube, etc. Oddly enough, the MAD TV one is the funniest, which is a rare statement, while the SNL one was awful. All they could come up with, after four seasons of the show, was that the actors couldn't remember any of the storylines due to the show being on hiatus for two years.

And Jimmy Fallon.
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