Re: David Chase returning to television with HBO miniseries

jouster wrote:I know for a fact that Fly enjoyed the fourth (I think) season of The Wire, but hadn't seen the rest the last time we spoke. Not to call her out, or anything :icon_wink:

Definitely thought The Wire was the second best drama series on HBO (although the margin between it and Sopranos was pretty wide for me.) Some day I hope to watch the entire series from the beginning, but my local Blockbuster only has season 1.:icon_rolleyes: I'd have to join up with Netflix or similar, and I just don't want to be bothered with that right now.

I enjoyed certain episodes of Six Feet Under but never enough to hook me.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is the one other show that, whenever I've watched it, I've usually enjoyed it and laughed out loud at some point during the half hour.

Never got into any of the other series, though. Deadwood just didn't do it for me at all.
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