"Nurse Jackie": Edie Falco's new Showtime Series

Heard about this a while back, but it's now official:


I love Falco and do have an interest in seeing this series, but I don't have Showtime. I wish HBO had bought this series!

If reviews are good enough, maybe I'll add Showtime to the lineup temporarily. If not, I presume I'll get a chance to see it on DVD.
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Re: "Nurse Jackie": Edie Falco's new Showtime Series

Irishwiseguy wrote:This seems pretty interesting. I fully support Edie she is an amazing actress. I will sure to take a look at the show.

Btw. What is showtime like as a channel? Is a network channel or cable? Has it produced much "good" tv?

Showtime is a cable pay channel just as HBO is. They attempt to program in the same fashion as well. Theatrical movie releases, although they arn't as popular as the ones HBO grabs. They've also started to produce their own dramas. Some of them do quite well. "Weeds"is pretty well received both critically and viewership wise. "Brotherhood" is another well done show that will be heading into it's 4th season. It's an interesting comparison to the Sopranos. It's filmed on location in my hometown of Providence RI (well known mafia town, remeber the Atwells Ave boys))and actually has a well written story about 2 brothers, one trying to stay a straight politician, and the other his no good brother, part of the irish mob. Quite a few Soprano alumni show up. Agent Harris, Christopers mother, Cookie, and i got to do a scene as an extra with John Fiore(Chi Chi who passed away on the throne). Again the show is well thought out but has absolutely no sense of humour
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