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ah crap after 6 items, including a t-shirt and a pair of boxers nothing is under $4,000. i'm never going to be able to bid.

$36,000 for the shirt and pants that tony was shot in by jr. lot's of blood still on it. with all the added costs the item sold for $43750.00

Re: Christies auction

last update. if your interested in want all the items sold fo check out this link


very interesting process. could have bid on a joey peeps jump suit and a couple of hesh's items but ended up passing. let us know if you bid on anything

i'm bummed thgough. i reallly had my heart set on one of TS's hawaiin shirts. even braced my wife for the incoming bill.

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Bloodshot- what a great thread! This is hilarious! i can't believe that Tony's bloody shirt from when Uncle June shot him is going for $43,000!!

And Finn De Trolio's shirt is going for only $63 !! That is too funny.

i wish they had some of Carm's stuff, or even some glassware from the kitchen- i'd go for that. If it was under $20.00 that is! :icon_biggrin:

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thanks bada. i'm feeling kind of guilty though. i couldn't belive that it wasn't mentioned here so i figured everyone was playing it cool. if you were going to bit against anyone, it would be someone from this site. now after seeing what eveything went for i'm sorry i didn't tell everyone. $500 to 1000 was my top bit but only for one of TS shirts. i should have grabbed one of hesh's things cheap.

all the dishware stuff went on the sale they had last year somewhere on long island. i know a lot of people were upset with that though because nothing was regognizable. but thats what they had, lot's of knickknacks and dishware from the show.

oh, i think i forgot to mentioned that Gandolfini started the action off and hung arond till his stuff sold. his went to an iraq vet charity io belive

Re: Christies auction

I would never have bid on any of that stuff (way out of my price range and not the sort of thing I'm into anyway). But I do find it interesting to see what those items bring.:icon_biggrin:
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