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DaViE wrote:Buddy, the box from my link also has a HBO print. That doesn't say anything.
Both of them are no official HBO boxes. Otherwise they would be part of HBO store.

Let's wait till next year. If Europeans won't get the official region 1 complete set (made as region 2 set), too, then I will agree that your box set is the official one for region 2. But I don't think so. Let's bet on an IKEA set.

No, I'm pretty sure it's an official box. If it's not produced/manufactured by HBO Video then surely it's licensed by HBO. It's widely available in chain stores in Europe; do you really think they would stock some chinese bootleg?

You see, region 2 box sets often differ from their R1 counterparts. For instance, the region 2 Deadwood sets doesn't include any bonus features and contain four discs instead of six.

This has happened before, even with HBO shows: the region 2 Six Feet Under box set was released six months before its region 1 counterpart (which, of course, included some additional special features). I'm afraid that's just the way it goes and I'll be surprised if the new Sopranos set is released in Europe.

Re: USA TODAY has DVD update

That R2 box set is official.

Multiple reasons why it is.

Firstly, it's sold in places like Asda, HMV and Virgin. They don't deal with bootlegs, as they are major retailors.

Secondly, it carries all of the official marks of the other HBO boxsets.

Finally, and perhaps most crucially, when series 5 was released here, it was extensively advertised as forthcoming during the series' TV airing, and leaflets about it accompanied the series 5 box set.

It was also extensively advertised during both parts of series 6, again by HBO.

It's not a great box set, it is merely a housing for all of the box sets to be sold at once, so if you have them, it's not worth buying it.

This new boxset looks to be completely new, with all the discs matching and things.

As for the CDs being on general release, they already are here, and have been for a while. Peppers and Eggs is the name of the double album, and the other one is just called Sopranos I think.

Interesting to see the differences across the Atlantic.

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You know what I don't like? We're going to lose all of the art work of the original discs -- the covers, the pictures on the discs of different characters, etc. That makes me want to keep the old discs, even though it is ridiculous to do that AND to buy the new box set.

Then I have to think about the fact that the next TV I buy will be HD (but not 'til my biggest CRT drops dead) and then I'll want the series on Bluray. I certainly don't want to buy the box set twice.

I dunno. All I want to see from the box set is the extras, so maybe I'll try to find someone nearby who gets the box set and then borrow it.
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Re: USA TODAY has DVD update

sopranology wrote:I'll be getting the box set, and an eventual blu-ray set. I wish they'd release the latter, because that's the version I really want.

Yeah, but you are the exact people that HBO wants...the people who will double or triple dip for stuff they already have ;-) Not that I am one to judge, mind you. I might end up doing the same thing.

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