Sopranos Cast in NEW movie!!!!

[font="Arial Black"][color="White"][color="DarkOrchid"]Have you heard the good news? Our friends are back!!![/color] :icon_mrgreen:
[color="Purple"]MEET THE MOBSTERS

The unrated version comes to DVD on May 20th

LOS ANGELES – (MAY 15, 2008) – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – New York’s most famous mob family is about to make a killing as Salient Media brings the hilarious mob comedy MEET THE MOBSTERS to DVD on May 20th.

MEET THE MOBSTERS is the story of a struggling lounge singer who could never get a break. Johnny's luck changes when he lands a gig at a hot new club. Little does he know that the club
is owned by a former high-profile mob boss, who's now in hiding. The Dean Martin wannabe soon learns his “Greatest Hits” are more than humble tunes. As his popularity rises, Johnny begins to draw a strange correlation between the songs that he is asked to perform, and the morning crime reports in the news.

Starring former Sopranos castmembers John Fiore, Vincent Pastore, Joe Gannascoli, Steven R. Schriripa, Tony Ray Rossi, Richard Portnow, Frank Santorelli, Vincent Curatola, and Dolres Sirianni.

MEET THE MOBSTERS is produced by John Fiore and was written and directed by Larry Blamire.

The DVD includes such special features as interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and deleted scenes. For more information AND TO PURCHASE THE DVD AT A DISCOUNT VISIT http://WWW.MEETTHEMOBSTERS.COM[/color] :icon_exclaim: :icon_exclaim: :icon_exclaim: :icon_exclaim:[/color][/font]
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