Chase signs film deal!

Exciting stuff!

By Steve Gorman

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - David Chase, creator of the acclaimed TV mob drama "The Sopranos," has signed a deal with Paramount Pictures to write, produce and direct his first feature film, the studio said on Thursday.

Adhering to the kind of mystery surrounding some of Chase's past work, the studio offered no details of the project except to describe it as "an original drama," and a spokesman said the film was not an adaptation of "The Sopranos."

Chase, 52, has a long-standing relationship with Paramount Studios chairman Brad Grey, who was his producing partner on "The Sopranos" and occasionally played himself on the series.

The show, which ended a six-season run in June 2007 with its famously ambiguous blackout finale, earned Chase two Emmys as best drama series and two others for his writing on the show.

Centered on the fictional life of a conflicted New Jersey mob boss, played by James Gandolfini, the HBO series was regarded by many critics as the finest drama ever to air on U.S. television.

"David is one of the great storytellers of our time, and his debut as a filmmaker is both highly anticipated and long overdue," Grey said in a statement issued by the Viacom Inc-owned studio.

A spokesman said a time table for the film's production and release have not been set.

Chase's television career spans three decades and includes work on such series as "The Rockford Files," "I'll Fly Away," "Northern Exposure" and the made-for-TV movie "Off the Minnesota Strip."
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Re: Chase signs film deal!

Great news! I agree about the "long overdue" part. I'm very interested to see, first of all, what subject matter/types of characters he invents for this first project. My guess is something very different, facially at least, from the Sopranos.

P.S. - I'm going to move this thread to the Chase forum. It needs some activity.:-)
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Re: Chase signs film deal!

Just before the finale aired last year Chase told the Washington Post that his first film project may be an adaptation of his close friend Alan Rucker's memoir about his life dealing with paralysis and life in a wheelchair (although this came much later in Rucker's life after he was already a successful television writer). Rucker actually is credited as the writer of the first edition Sopranos HBO book published after the first season. This fits the description of a "personal drama" mentioned as Chase's film project.

Re: Chase signs film deal!

I think David Chase is going where the money is going to be. He is going to make a Soprano's movie!Merchandise, ticket sales, and a sequel are to easy to pass up for both HBO and Mr. Chase.

I read today in the Boston Globe that Frank Santorelli (Georgie the bing's bartender) stated that a Soprano's movie was in the works!!!

He stated that the movie is being kept a secret by HBO, and is currently working on a script.

I am not making this was in the Boston Globe. Obviously I am so excited about the idea of a movie!

I'm guessing the success ($$$$) of the Sex and the City movie proves that an HBO series can do really well at the movies. Therefore HBO & David Chase see the dollar signs!

I hope soo..and I hope that rumor can get this wonderful site going full steam ahead.

Possible plot of the movie? Does it start leaving Holstens? Are we 3-4 down the road? Do we witness Tony being found innocent in the whole Carlo (rat) trial? Who knows...but i really hope Frank Santorelli wasn't simply lying just to get his name in the paper.

Thoughts? This is the article

Re: Chase signs film deal!

Nice seeing you back around these parts, aprilemoney.

I am not putting too much stock in these rumors. Note the actor said "he heard" but did not indicate his source or even his own confidence in his source. The guy that owns Satin Dolls was saying something similar 8 months or so ago, and nothing ever came of that.

I'm not saying that a movie won't happen. But, if it does, I think money will be the secondary motive for Chase. From what I recall reading, he was given a very generous contract by HBO during the series, one that earned him 10s of millions of dollars over the course of the series, and he will no doubt continue to earn residuals for a very long time from DVD sales and secondary broadcasts. Given that level of financial security and comfort, I don't read him as the kind of person that would do a movie for the money only. He would have to feel a compelling creative motivation as well.

Perhaps that will happen. I will be as excited as anyone if it does. But I just don't get the feeling that we'll be hearing official word of a Sopranos movie anytime soon.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Chase signs film deal!

Came across this bit in Variety about the new Chase/Paramount project. Apparently the Alan Rucker story was shelved and his first script will be about a 60s era rock band and the changes that were happening in popular music at the time.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"
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