Re: David Chase receives WGA West's Paddy Chayefsky Laurel A

badabellisima wrote:This info is one of the most striking things to me in the whole interview, imo. The info Chase gave about the missing Russian was basically tongue in cheek, imo, but this clarification about the coma is very important and significant; imho.

I never thought the name itself was particularly significant, beyond what I assumed was Chase's play on "infinity" and the ostensible infinity of the soul or of the "beyond" or of time, etc. That I assumed only because a character in the episode made the connection. If Chase chose the name only because he could have that character make that joke, I'll have to take him at his word.

He has tried to play down the significance of certain things before when I'm not convinced that he really thought they were insignificant, rather that he doesn't want to define for his audience what is or is not significant but let them determine that for themselves. That's the push/pull of this kind of dialog with Chase and is the biggest reason I'd love to have some input into the kinds of questions and discussions that are included in his DVD commentaries.
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