Steven Van Zandt downplays movie rumors in Rolling Stone int


If you had to give a number of the percent odds of a Sopranos movie, what number is that?
I'd say you gotta one out of ten shot. And that's three years from now. Not likely, but slightly slightly slightly possible.
Good thing you survived.
Silvio's still breathing. So that's all I care about, but I don't really don't expect a movie.
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Re: Steven Van Zandt downplays movie rumors in Rolling Stone

Why would he be in the know? And even if he were, would he be able to dish about such a topic? Probably not....... He's just one person and his quote was pretty quick and seemed more about moving away from that topic to the topic of Bruce. Still very interesting. Remember how many times in the past things in the news threw fans off one way or another. I dont trust that Steven would have the answer to the question. More interesting is Silvio's still breathing. That to me speaks more than whatever else he said. Just my opinion though. A couple years from now I could be totally wrong!
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