Chase one of TIME's People of the year 2007

I just happened upon it and thought it interestingly funny. I think Chase would almost scoff such a title and the magazine itself! Yet I find it personally to be a very suitable honor for one who has created a such a masterpiece!

Here's the link:,28804,1690753_1690758_1693580,00.html
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Re: Chase one of TIME's People of the year 2007

Interesting! Here it is, from TIME:

People Who Mattered

David Chase
By [url=javascriptvoid(0)]DAVID [/url]


Patti Sapone / The Star-Ledger / Corbis

"He gave us a mobster like no other—a middle-aged executive with a wife, a paunch and a couple of teenagers, assorted girlfriends, a problem mom and a job he alternately loves and loathes. When the creator of The Sopranos put an end to one of the most brilliant and disturbing series in TV history, it made sense that he left the star's fate undecided. Let fans write their own endings, because there's a little of Tony in us all".
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