Re: The Sopranos' Last Golden Globe Nominations (also WGA an

SAG stands for Screen Actors Guild. It's a union for actors so all the categories are actor specific, thus instead of Best Picture it is Best Ensemble Cast in a Motion Picture or Television. There are no writing, director or other awards. It is just for actors on television and film. (The Writers Guild and Directors Guild do the same, but are not televised since the actors are the only one that tend to draw good ratings.)
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Re: The Sopranos' Last Golden Globe Nominations (also WGA an

I didn't see Chase or any of the writers there and didn't really expect to since it's an all acting affair. If they were in the crowd, they weren't shown.

It was nice to see the cast one last time. I didn't see Michael Imperioli up there. No Frank Vincent. No Kathy Narducci. But pretty much everyone else from season 6 was there as far as I could tell.
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Re: The Sopranos' Last Golden Globe Nominations (also WGA an

WTF??? Did any one notice Hal halbrook was the presenter right after the Sopranos won the best ensemble award? Weird eerie coicidence. Anyone remember fleshy part of the thigh? The scientist for Bell labs? It seemed kinda ironic given my own personal POV on the last season. I know he was in "INto the Wild" but he also played a small but signifigant charecter in explaining the themes of the whole last season. Amazing how this show goes on and on...........
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