Re: The Sopranos' Last Golden Globe Nominations

Unbuhf*c*in believable! But i guess if they're going to nominate Christina Applegate for Samantha Who, then anything goes. (Not to say she is talentless, but lets face it- Apples and Oranges compared to other nominees). I suppose all these award shows have become political and somewhat useless as a gage for true artistic achievment across the board. Have to admit i am crazy about Mad Men though!

Re: The Sopranos' Last Golden Globe Nominations

This is the biggest fcking sign of the apocolypse if I ever saw one. I f anyone refuses to respect the genius that is the final season of the Sopranos than society as a whole is doomed. Which was chase's message all throughout. How can anything top the final season of the Sopranos!!!! Its the Beowolf of our time!!!!!!!! Fucking Idiots!!!!!!! AHGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
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