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Unfortunately, I was right about Sally winning over Edie. And that speech, my
G-d! I consider myself a very political person, but when celebrities try to ~make a statement~ at awards shows it's so self-serving! It's like they're trying to say, I may be privilged but I ~care OMG LOLZ~ I also can't believe I was wrong about James Gandolfini winning- like quite a few of people here I heard "James" and was elated, only to have my heart sink fast right after seeing which "James" stood up. I guess I should only give myself half-credit for predicting that Lorraine and Michael might not win.... At the end, the Sopranos may have won for best drama has I thought they would, but for me it was a bit too little too late considering the earlier dissapointments. Ah well, let's hope the Golden Globes do their part to recognize this great show *sigh*

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pitbullluv wrote:I agree! That is why I think award shows are rigged.

Rigged is right! And didn't it seem like James Gandolfini looked just a little bit detached or pissed or something throughout the evening? :mad: Like maybe he already knew he wasn't going to get it? Looking back, it seems like maybe they knew they were locked out. :confused:

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The legacy continues, at least, with all of the nominations for Mad Men (created by Matt Weiner, obviously, and with a lot of the behind-the-scenes crew being carryovers from The Sopranos), and Steve Buscemi & Edie Falco (for their guest appearances on 30 Rock). And more I'm not thinking of, I'm sure.

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Detective Hunt wrote:Sniff. :icon_cry: Emmy nominations came out today and it is so weird not to see our favorite show among them. The end of an era.

Didn't realize nominations came out today. Yeah, that is yet another milestone in marking "the end".:icon_cry:
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

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jouster wrote:And more I'm not thinking of, I'm sure.

Todd A. Kessler, co-creator of Damages, which received seven nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series, is a former Sopranos writer/producer. His most notable credit is of course co-writing "Funhouse" with Chase but he's also credited with writing "Fortunate Son," one of my favorite season 3 episodes. He's up for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series for the Damages pilot, so is Matthew Weiner for two Mad Men episodes. Both are deserving. Allen Coulter is also nominated for directing the Damages pilot.

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