Re: Emmy Nominations for Final Nine

Last of the Mo' Ricans wrote:No kidding. Edie's performance as the constantly self tormented support and foil for Tony made the show what it was. Always with the drama!

Indeed and well said.

And now I must lament Jimmy's loss. While I love me some James Spader (and even look a bit like him, so I've been told) it is simply crazy to me that these two actors could not win in their last (and arguably finest) performances. Thus is the awards circuit, however. I think Spader himself just said it best - "who knows who actually votes for these things?" Quite.

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Re: Emmy Nominations for Final Nine

Detective Hunt wrote:Sally Field? Are you f-ing kidding me? Edie was robbed. Robbed, I say! :mad:

Eh, terrible! And what an acceptance speech she gave, too.

James and Edie both got robbed. Last of the Mo' Ricans, I did the same exact thing, too. On "James", I shot up, and let out a hearty "Yeah!" Which quickly turned into a string of mild expletives.

That Jersey Boy tribute thing was a little corny, but it was still cool to see The Sopranos receive the extra attention. It's not every outgoing series that gets a big tribute number like that - Truly The Sopranos was something special. I wonder, though, why "The Mayor of Munchkin Land" himself wasn't involved with that - Being connected to both "The Sopranos" and The Jersey Boys, it would seem like a natural move.

Well anyway, congrats to Alan Taylor, David Chase, and everyone else with the show!

Re: Emmy Nominations for Final Nine

Detective Hunt wrote:Again - LOL. But he is that very same mayor of munchkin land so maybe that's why we didn't see him. :icon_wink:

Haha, maybe!

Something else I forgot to mention before, but was I the only one who heard Tony Sirico do a Paulie-esque "He-he" during David Chase's acceptance speech for best drama? Maybe I'm just crazy. But I heard it, and it made me smile.

Re: Emmy Nominations for Final Nine

What a friggin' disgrace that Jim and Edie did not win. Some of the best acting you'll ever see on any screen; their last opportunity for recognition (and they've been robbed a couple of other times when the sentimental or political tide was elsewhere) and Sally Field and James Spader win????? As much as I credit Chase, obviously, as overwhelmingly the most important creative force on the show, Gandolfini is clearly second, and by a wide margin over anyone else. He is actually more responsible than any other person for keeping me an obsessed viewer because he uncannily made me still love Tony (up until Kennedy and Heidi) while Chase was busy filling the character (or at least one member of the audience!) with false hope. That JG did not win tonight was a great disappointment.

I was very pleased that Alan Taylor won for directing K & H, as I thought that ep featured some of the best direction in the show's history. Obviously I'm thrilled that the man himself won for writing (even if I think K & H was the better script) and that the show itself won. But, just as in the past when Gandolfini and Falco won while the show or its writing was snubbed, it's hard to value any win very much when not a single Sopranos actor walked off with a trophy.
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