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Irishwiseguy wrote:I think Robert Iler deserves a nomination. He had a lot of screen time this second half of the series and I think he pulled it off magnificently. I think he really captured what its like to be a confused depressed 20 year old (even though it can be annoying to watch). I especially related to this because, I as well am a confused 20 year old :icon_mrgreen: :icon_neutral:

You're right IWG- Iler's underrated probably because he WAS so annoying sometimes! He does deserve recognition, so if he doesn't get it, hopefully his career will continue to thrive and he'll get it down the road. btw, hope you don't drive an oversized SUV and hope you're not hanging out too much with any unsavory older mentors...!:icon_biggrin:

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To me it doesn't matter if Sopranos win alll the nominations or none, I place no qualifiying value on those awards. The Sopranos is an aesthetic television experience unsurpassed and none of the other shows fit even close to being compared on so many levels it makes my head spin. Fox's HOUSE is in the same category as many of the nominations for Sopranos for chissakes. Totally ridiculous but I guess a necessary function for the entertainment industry.

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My Sopranos predictions:

I think James Gandolfini is going to win for best actor in a drama series. He more than any actor would likely win in a "last hurrah" gesture from the Academy. As much I love Edie Falco, it's going to be a tight race and in the end I just don't know if she can pull it off- whereas with the best actor catagory the only real competition is Hugh Laurie for House. I predict that Sally Field will win in the end but it's not as if I think Falco doesn't stand a chance.... I think Lorraine Bracco has a better shot at winning for best supporting actress in a catagory than Aida Turturro and I think she can in the end if the Academy goes for another "last hurrah" gesture to the Sopranos in that catagory, but if not Sandra Oh will win for Grey's Anatomy. Call me crazy, but I think Michael Imperioli has just as much a shot as any of the nominess in the supporting actor in a drama series. Several have predicted Masi Oka will win for Heroes but I think that show is a dark horse overall despite what others may say. Still, I think it's going to come down to those two in the end. And of course the Sopranos will win for best drama.

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I'm no fan of awards shows at all, but being addicted to The Sopranos, I take great interest in anything the least bit related to the show.

And not only will we get to see Chase and Co. wipe the floor with the competition tonight (hopefully), we're also going to get to see The Jersey Boys do a musical tribute to the show. And no, that's not a joke.

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