Top 10 Episode Lists

While we hopefully will develop our own top 10 alltime Sopranos best list, there have been a few such lists generated in the media.

For example

NJ Star Ledger
"College" (Season 1, Episode 5)
"I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano" (Season 1 Finale)
"Amour Fou" (Season 3, Episode 12)
"Whoever Did This" (Season 4, Episode 9)
"Whitecaps" (Season 4 Finale)
"Irregular Around the Margins" (Season 5, Episode 5)
"Join the Club" (Season 6, Episode 2)
"Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request..." (Season 6, Episode 5)
"The Second Coming" (Season 7, Episode 7)
"The Blue Comet" (Season 7, Episode 8)

Baltimore Sun
"COLLEGE" Season 1
"PIE-O-MY" Season 4

Entertainment Weekly
"The Knight in White Satin Armor"
"Pine Barrens"
"Employee of the Month"
"Long-Term Parking"
"The Second Coming"

any others?

Re: Top 10 Episode Lists

EW obviously has their head up their ass if they consider D-Girl among the top 10 of all time. But they also list Boca which means they have some taste. What to make of it?

It'd be tough for me to pick an all time top ten, but Boca, Second Opinion and Whitecaps would probably all have to be in there. Funhouse and Isabella too. And that only leaves five more slots...hmmm...The Test Dream...Join the Club...The Blue Comet...The Pilot...only one more...

How does one pick between Whoever Did This, Long Term Parking, College, Employee of the Month, Made in America, Down Neck, University, Proshai, Livushka, To Save Us All From Satan's Power, Marco Polo, Calling All Cars, Cold Cuts, The Second Coming and Soprano Home Movies? Sheesh...
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Re: Top 10 Episode Lists

I'm wondering where the finale, Made in America, ranks with all these lists being generated. This episode has people so intrigued, it is still generating much media coverage and fan interest, and remains a huge topic of conversation nearly two weeks after it aired.

I'm not sure what adjectives go into defining "top ten" but I would put it (MIA) on a list called "My 10 Favorites."

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Re: Top 10 Episode Lists

Sepinwall's Star Ledger list is the one closest to my own and is notable next to the other two in that he didn't waste a slot on comparatively weak episodes like D-Girl and Luxury Lounge and resisted what must be the popular mandate that the over-rated Pine Barrens be included. Plus he included Join the Club, which would certainly be on my Top 10 list.
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Re: Top 10 Episode Lists

I have always found Pine Barrens to be pretty overrated as well. It is a solid episode, by no means a poor episode, but certainly not worthy of as much praise as it has received. But then again, I am finding, that through our Sweet 16 thread, my choices have yet to absolutely mirror any other member's choices. I find this odd, but I guess it really speaks to the quality of episodes we received of this show, that as fans we can all be so diverse in our preferences.

Re: Top 10 Episode Lists

I don't think there has ever been a weak episode to be honest.

The weaker ones are still better than any other episode of any other show.

Consequently, my favourite episode is always whichever one I happen to be watching when I'm asked.

I suppose it's a little like Tony's favourite Godfather scene. It changes all the time!

Re: Top 10 Episode Lists

I think there are about 5-6 episodes overall that aren't up to standard. So about an episode per season. My least favorite of which is the episode "Christopher", I never liked it. I watched it again recently and the whole episode only seemed like a setup for Tony's rant at the end to silvio. Even though it was a very good rant.
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