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I updated the feature with additional interviews with Robing Green, Mitchell Burgess, and Frank Renzulli that were not included in the original scans. The Green/Burgess interview containts their brief comment on how creative differences, apparently over the coma stuff, influenced their deparutre. Once again, thanks jouster.:icon_wink:
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Re: 'Written By' Feature on Sopranos Writers

jouster wrote:The interview with David Chase that Fly linked above (seperate from the article I scanned) is between Tom Fontana and David. Tom Fontana didn't create "St. Elsewhere," but he was a producer and writer for five years on it, so I can why patriquem might be confused.

Yes, had forgotten that St. Elsewhere was actually created by Joshua Brand and John Falsey, but I remembered that Tom Fontana was with the show and mistakenly referred to him as that show's creator.

Re: 'Written By' Feature on Sopranos Writers

Sorry, but I have to bump this thread just to thank FlyOnMelfisWall and jouster for providing this article. It's been more than three years since it was first published but I just found out about it. Suffice it to say that it was an interesting read and one that provided incredible insight into the writing of the series. I live somewhere in Europe so I simply don't have access to these kind of things unless they're also available on the internet (which this one isn't). I will be using this as a source for countless The Sopranos articles on Wikipedia in the future.

If someone is looking for the conversation between David Chase and Tom Fontana, it can now be found here.

Re: 'Written By' Feature on Sopranos Writers

Glad you enjoyed the articles, Parps. Also glad you found the Chase portion still online. I went back to the original post and tried the link and saw that it had been moved. So I will now update that post with the link you provided. Thanks!
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: 'Written By' Feature on Sopranos Writers

Detective Hunt wrote:And yes, I do recall Fontana from St. Elsewhere. Let's just hope he didn't give Chase any advice on how to end the series. IMHO, St. Elsewhere's series finale has to be among the worst of all time...I mean, the whole thing occurred in the mind of an autistic little boy? That's almost as bad as the "lost" season of Dallas when Patrick Duffy came out of the shower. :icon_rolleyes:

I've never seen St. Elsewhere and only know of it's finale through the man (many, many) write-ups I've seen over the years. Trust me, Fontana hasn't gotten much better at writing finales. As far as I know, he had creative control over Oz and the last season of that show was fucking terrible. Take a look in the TV subforum to see my thoughts in more detail.
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