Re: ok ok more photos!

oh poor you - No problem on the pics. I was excited to see them - I thought I hated Phil. It really doesn't matter who squashes Phil as long as he is squished. I am hoping Benny does the deed for the beat down he took last season. -

Re: ok ok more photos!

yes. i just went to imdb and frank vincent is in 16 diffrent movies with the same actress that plays his wife on the sopranos. that shot of him with her in the front sit could be from anyone of them. lol

the photos have been a great addition to the best spoiler page on the web

Re: ok ok more photos!

If you watch the finale trailer using quicktime, you can use the slider to slow it down towards the end and notice that Phil is wearing the exact same thing and getting out of the same car as in the pictures. That's plenty of confirmation for me. Thanks!

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