Re: "we have to stop meeting like this"

I think this little guy (name?) will be the one to carry out whatever hit there is on someone close to Tony. I guess that means that Phil won't really accept what Tony says to him about calling it even. OR... Phil will die, and the hit will be carried out anyway.

In any case, the guy was very creepy and scary. I think he even spooked Tony.


Re: "we have to stop meeting like this"

Some info on "that dude" from Alan Sepinwall's column in the Newark Star-Ledger:

"Butch Deconcini, one of Phil's sidekicks, was played by Gregory Antonacci. Nearly 30 years ago, Antonacci played a wannabe wiseguy from Newark in two Chase-written episodes of "The Rockford Files" called "The Jersey Bounce" and "Just a Coupla Guys." The latter featured a family-oriented Jersey mob boss named Tony who was sort of a rough draft for our Tony. And the circle is complete."

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