Re: Blanca as FBI plant?

I seriouly doudt the FBI would consider AJ worth their time.

Hector is the first of many reasons that Blanca is a civilian.

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Re: Blanca as FBI plant?

Blanca's suddenly involvement with AJ is suspicious, but I don't think it's because she's an informant. I think she wants the comfort and protection of the Soprano family.

In her apartment when she told AJ that her boyfriend (Hector's father?... I can't remember now how she referred to him) had chased away the noisy punks, you can see that she's expecting AJ to take care of the problem now. Afterwards she rewards him with sex.

Then AJ asks her if it bothers her that he's younger than she. She doesn't answer that, but asks if she minds that she has a child. It seemed to me that she, as they say, as her cap set on him. She also complimented Carm on their gorgeous house.

She's in it for the money.


Re: Blanca as FBI plant?

She mentioned processing AJ's W-4, so she may have something to do with the no-show jobs. Maybe that's why Paulie was talking to her?

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Re: Blanca as FBI plant?

The AJ / Blanca storyline reminded me of Finn wanting to bang the hot girl that worked in the construction trailer when he was working construction. I forgot if he actually closed that deal or not. The only difference was that the foreman yelled at AJ to get back to work, while the rest of the wiseguys encouraged Finn to stop working in the same situation. Finn also couldn't be as obvious, because if he was caught making a move, Meadow's dad may have not been pleased.

It looked to me that Paulie may have sampled some of Blanca's Brown Sugar as well.

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