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Well Chris would be the obvious choice going from what happened in Season 5. I'm not sure after seeing the scene with Tony and Phil in the hospital. Plus, Phil might not be making the calls if the final 8 pick up in "real time" next Jan.

Carlo and Sil would be dead if word gets out about Fat Dom, but that shouldn't be a problem. The three who know the truth are old school. That's not getting out.

Who is that scary looking guy? I don't remember him from the past. It's pretty clear he is going to have a big role in the final 8. Just to add. I hated that guy from the first moment I saw him. When he blocked Tony leaving Phil's Hospital room, I wanted Tony to break his neck. Good acting on his part. The jerk!!!


Re: "Pick somebody over there"

I liked the little guy. His small stature but "huge balls" and bad attitude reminded me of Joe Pesci in Goodfellas.

Having said that though, I believe the small guy is nothing more but a false set up. I don't think Tony is going to get whacked by that guy or anybody from NY.

If Tony is going to get whacked, call me a dramatist, but I believe it will be the ones close to him. Sil, Chris, Paulie and maybe even Bobby.


Re: "Pick somebody over there"

I'm guessing he would be a Capo. I think he was speaking a little to freely to Phil to just be a soilder.

Soda drink. I don't dislike his presense as a character. What I ment was he is one of those people you love to hate. I'm not to sure if he will wack Tony, but I do think this guy will play a important part in the NY/NJ tensions.


Re: "Pick somebody over there"

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>So, this was Phil's advice from one of his kronies. Does anybody have any guesses?? Who will be the first Jersey crewmember to get offed as we begin '07? Who deserves it?? <hr></blockquote>

Phil has no problem killing a woman. I say it's Janice.

With eight to go...they are going to start with jaw dropping drama, and not stop.

Or continue to be SOAP-ranos..

Your pick.. <img src= ALT=":hat">

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