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I'm not so sure Carmella's motives when questioning Roe were entirely selfish. I saw her as being driven toward "truths" in the last episode, including "truths" about her husband's business. Meadow in the past accused Tony of "killing my boyfriend," and I thought Carm's questions were preludes to another question, something along the lines of "Did my husband kill your son?" To me, it was as though her sight of Roe lighting candles and praying, coupled with her new doubts about the nature of Ade's disappearance, led Carm to go after the truth about Jackie Jr.'s death, just as her dream effectively leads her to the truth about Ade's disappearance. We saw Carm in the preview urging Tony to "hire professionals" to track down Ade, so the issue is going to be pursued. How so? Well, I'm hoping we get our first glimpses in two weeks, but I really don't expect things to be resolved until next year. Nonetheless, I do expect Ade's "disappearance" to remain a central issue for Carm the rest of the series, as she's finally forced to confront the fact that her husband is not just a "crook" but a murderer.

That's why I'm grateful that Montefalco translated what the priest said. The priest's words will frame Carmella's behavior from now on: will she use her newfound awareness for good? Or will she relapse into denial, as Tony relapsed with the stripper? We'll know soon enough.


Re: Carmela and Rosalie

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fcuk paris

who gives a shit about paris why waste our time with ro and carm over there?


Re: Carmela and Rosalie

Thinking about Montefalco's insightful view of Carmella and trying to reconcile that with some other points of vew expressed about her ...

Isn't it possible that she really thought she was being kind to Roe by trying to draw her into a conversation about her loss and thereby giving her a chance to grieve and heal?

Of course, Montefalco makes it obvious that it is insensitve and cruel to do this and the proper approach would be to let Roe know that she was there for her and to wait until Roe brought it up. As a matter of fact, it's pretty clear that this is something she should have done within a few weeks of Roe's loss and not two years later.

So, it may be that Carm thought she was being kind to a friend and just never obtained the emotional/intellectual maturity to realize she was being cruel. Unfortunately, judging from Roe's reaction, Carm didn't seem to make any start to learning that lesson.

P.S. I loved the way Montefalco explanied how Carm was really a shallow hypocrite. I found a lot of insight in his description of Carm. Still, in this case, I think Carm acted more out of stupidity than malevolence.

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Re: Carmela and Rosalie

another take on the carm/ro scene is as a continuation of the the preceding scene in which Melfi confronts Tony about his wish that his mother had protected him from his father. Ro, albeit with limited screentime, has been depicted as a loving mother, yet one who for whatever reasons coudn't or wouldn't 'take a hard line' with Jackie Jr. (Ro herself admits this in 'join the club')

Arguably, Carm has been more successful on this front - at least so far. you wouldn't see a younger AJ hanging with Christopher and trying to throw his weight around the way Jackie Jr. did with his Uncle Richie.
And recall that Carm wasn't happy about Meadow hanging out w/Jackie Jr. (though perhaps this all boils down to Jackie Jr. being more inherently street smart than AJ and also having something to prove b/c his father died. still, Carm and Ro make an interesting study in contrasts. .... i mean sheesh! who lets Ralphie come into their home and become a role model to an impressionable teenage boy????)
But IMO Ro isn't stupid. just in denial about what her world really entails and how that influences a child,

Carm is more openly (however sporadically) conflicted about her world. she has pangs of guilt that occassionally make it to the surface -hence the mini epiphanies in paris. I see her questioning ro about jackie jr. as an attempt to reach out to the one person close to her who has actually walked in her shoes (wife of a mob boss, part of the silent code, mother to a wayward son, etc.)
I didn't see it as cruel (possibly thoughtless, though i don't even really think that) she's craving an opening for at least the start of an honest talk about their world - she also maybe is subconsciously looking for a cautionary tale on how to avoid the same fate as Ro (Tony isn't the only one terrified of losing his family, IMHO)

If Carm were being cruel she wouldn't have dropped it so quickly- but she did drop it, along with an apology when it was clear Ro didn't want to go there. Yes, she had self interested reasons for bringing the whole thing up - but at same time i think her concern for Ro was heartfelt.

Carm may be a deeply flawed hypocrite in many ways, but who isn't? seriously.

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Re: Carmela and Rosalie

Just a thought, in a previous season, in a NY museum with Meadow, Carmela was also moved to contemplation and tears gazing upon a painting, I believe depicting the baby Jesus.

In that episode I think she was having problems with Meadow, or Meadow was thinking of moving away to attend college in California. So the mothering instinct and impending loss of her children may be a catalyst for these emotions, and possibly a setup for what's coming.


Re: Carmela and Rosalie

Sorry to waste space people. I worked over an hour on this post and it's gone like a fart in the wind. I was just trying to fix some link problems and bam. You don't want to know how angry I am!

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Re: Carmela and Rosalie

Jeez, does Carmela really love Tony or what? If she does, is she afraid to admit it? Why?

When she said "I should tell you more often" and Tony responded with a "Nothing stopping you" and she doesn't ever say "I love you" at anytime...

LOL, she even gulped when he said that. Chase has been throwing so many mixed signals its becoming a little frustrating.


Re: Carmela and Rosalie

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I worked over an hour on this post and it's gone like a fart in the wind. I was just trying to fix some link problems and bam. You don't want to know how angry I am!<hr></blockquote>

I can imagine, cause it's happened to me before. Furious is the word.

Just remember not to ever hit "back" on the browser. It spells doom at EZ board, although some other forums do allow that.


Re: Carmela and Rosalie

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