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Wow! What a great episode. Best of the season so far. But I've changed my mind as to the reasons. I think DC is showing us that Carmela and Rosalie are terribly unable to deal with life in Paris and although there lack of culture and education may not be a debilitating condition in NJ, when you take them out of NJ and put them into Paris, they truly become fish out of water.

One question for me is what was the purpose of having Adrianna's guest shot? It had nothing to do with the story. Could it have been some contract obligation? Or part of some deal they made when she left the show?

I understood that she was filming something else in Paris and that it was sort of lucky that the two things coincided. But it seemed to me to be a waste of our time to have to get dragged through that scene - and even the whole Paris trip to some extent.

And Rho was just a whining buzz saw. The episode could have been improved a lot by leaving her out completely. In fact, it seems to me that her only raison d'etre is to make the point that many of the friends and associates of OC wives are vapid idiots - as deep as bird baths. I'd prefer it had Rho's involvment in the whole series been cut to almost zero.

I think DC was showing us that these two women, who can think of themselves somehow as big deals in NJ, should be an embarassment to themselves in Paris, but they lack the sophistication to even understand why.

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Jesus Christ!

I felt that the Paris storyline was a tad boring most of the time. And poor Vito, I actually felt bad for him today. And only today's episode... never before... I couldn't wait for them to kill him and when they did I felt bad. Also, I was praying and hoping that the guy Carlo and Sil killed would die. Thank god he did.


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Per the previews for the episode to air in 2 weeks it looks like Carm is wanting Tony to hire someone to find Adriana.

Her death has to be a big part of the final 8, or causes something big to happen because of it.

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i thought the Paris scenes were great and very meaningful - this may sound funny but i actually think there's as much in that trip to dissect as there was in 'test dream'

the Ade dream was quite significant, IMO. It shows what many suspected, that Carmela on some level knows Ade didn't just 'run off.' The scene with her in bed - and the comments to Ro about all the 'worrying' - echo back to the first episode of this season.

also, at least two duck references - the joke with the guys near the beginning (the pig and the duck) and Carmela was eating duck at the restaurant w/Ro.

p.s. totally agree about Vito's daughter (and the son) both did amazingly good job

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Re: Episode Review and General Comments

What a terrific episode. Extremely well done. Not happy with Tony's regression in this ep but will try to be patient.

I LOVED the Paris trip. This ep was to Carm what Join the Club/Mayham were for Tony . . . right down to the beacon calling her to identify what's most important in her life.

We should get a number of good stand alone threads from this ep. After I eat, LMAO, I'm sure I'll be back to start one or two.


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Great episode powerful performances I think the Adriana thing keeps coming up because it's showing Carmella that's what could happen to her possibly, the who am I where am I going thing she is at cross roads in her life probably. The Fat Dom thing that could of course have very dire effects down the line, this sucks we have to wait 2 weeks


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