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Maybe Paris is what Carms life will be like when Tony is gone (and the kids for that matter, Meadow in CA and AJ wherever).

If anything ever happened to Tony I have to believe Carm would pretty much write AJ off and stop supporting him because she will be worried about supporting herself and he is nothing but excess baggage.

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Re: Cold Stones

Awesome analysis, Avellino, just what I was hoping to read. I knew that this trip for Carmella was more than some "boring" Paris-trip that some people thought. Its Chase, its there for a reason, and I'm glad that you helped decode some things that will help us appreciate the series more. Thats why I like these dream episodes, or NDE, or this trip, in that they give you clues as to the rest of the show...


Re: Cold Stones

Re: Ro losing a red glove:

O.K. maybe I’m stretching it, but perhaps Ro’s red gloves symbolize the classic play “Red Gloves” (originally titled Dirty Hands) by French existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre, set in 1943-44 (same time period as fallen resistance fighter memorial Carm and Ro visited). It’s about a man who is part of a movement based on communism, who is recruited by his leaders to assassinate his former professor. He is conflicted about whether he should or not, since he has great respect and love for the man and yet is loyal to the cause. Could Ro have something up her sleeve? Or alternatively:

There’s a French kickboxing martial art that uses glove colors to indicate a fighter's level of proficiency. Novices begin at no color. Promotion tests allow the fighter to graduate successively to blue, green, red, white, and yellow. Competition is restricted to red glove rank and above; fighters at white glove rank are considered to be instructors in training, and yellow gloves are required to teach what they know to others. Silver glove is the highest regular rank in Savate. If Ro is at a Red Glove level, she is qualified for competition (with Carm). She was suited for battle. In dueling, gloves are often worn only as one, so no problem that she lost one. And gloves were a really big deal to Napolean- he had hundreds of pairs and had Josephine start a whole trend of wearing them in France. O.K. I’m willing to admit there are probably better explanations for these curious little scenes. I’d better get back to work!


Re: Cold Stones

Okay, probably not what anyone was looking for, but I took the loss of the glove as a screwup by a ditz from Jersey who had had one too many Remy Martins with breakfast. Sometimes, a red glove is just a red glove. <img src= ALT=":)">

Seriously, the lost glove was distracting Roe just as being lost was distracting Carm, when suddenly both are overwhelmed by the beauty around them. I'm not sure we have to make more of it than that.


Re: Cold Stones

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I took the loss of the glove as a screwup by a ditz from Jersey <hr></blockquote>

I respectfully disagree, because they spent way too much time focusing on that aspect of the scene. These clips have been carefully cut and produced for the better part of several years. Notice that they haven't entertained us with whackings and action this season. It has been more cinematic.

The fact that the glove was the color red stood out. There were no other bright colors in the scene. It wasn't just a throw-in. They had plenty of Vito scenes that found the cutting-room floor.

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