Has Tony forgiven Uncle Junior?

When Tony speaks to Melfi about Bobby and Janice he says: when Uncle June had to get diapers, I'd get a kick out of it thinking that Bobby would have to change them. Here, he mentions Junior without any resentment or agitation despite his prior insistence to Melfi never to mention Junior to him again. I also found the fact interesting that he calls him "Uncle June" and not Junior.

Also when Janice asks him whether he is blaming her and Bobby for the shooting he says quite convincingly that he thinks he has only himself to blame.

It almost seems as if he has no hatred against Junior or maybe its just an extension of his extremely ambivalent relation to his parents.


Re: Has Tony forgiven Uncle Junior?

This could be a part of his new thinking, relating to the Ojibwa saying in the hospital. I think, however, this will get him in trouble because Janice was fairly adamant about Tony's hatred towards her but he said that it was his fault.

The reason being, people close to Tony may start to realize that he is susceptible to self-pity, something not too prevalent in a mob boss's personality.

As for Uncle Junior, Tony probably thinks of him as dead, which is why he never discusses him. Just hope AJ doesn't fulfill his promise that Uncle Junior will not get away with this (the shooting), unless Tony has him do it. Didn't the preview for next week show Tony saying to AJ, "Don't let me down"?


Re: Has Tony forgiven Uncle Junior?

VVL...interesting thought and it seems that Tony bears no ill will at all toward Junior. When Janice confronted Tony, accusing him of blaming Bobby and her of being responsible the shooting, Tony tells her, "I have no one to blame but myself". He doesn't even appear to be blaming Junior (and probably becasue he, more than anyone was aware of Junior's deteriorating mental state at the time of the shooting). This is also consistent with Tony's attempt to integrate the Ojibwe saying into his life: It looks like by accepting sole responsibility for the event and not blaming the situation on everyone else, he can avoid going around in pity for himself.

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Re: Has Tony forgiven Uncle Junior?

I don't think AJ will try again on his own volition, but rather as a request from someone in the family to "make his mark", and if not involving Uncle Junior, AJ will likely get involved some way or another. I think that AJ is not going anywhere but within the family, regardless if Tony likes it or not, he acted the same when he was AJ's age (flunking school, causing trouble) and I think Tony will soon realize that AJ might need to learn the family business (starting from the bottom, of course).

Let me know what you think about this possibility. I am interested to see what others think about this.


Re: Has Tony forgiven Uncle Junior?

I miss Junior. <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/nerd.gif ALT="8o"> He has hardly been in this season at all except for being a mental case for a few seconds here and there.

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Re: Has Tony forgiven Uncle Junior?

I don't think Tony has 'forgiven', but rather realizes that Uncle Jun has serious mental health problems and made didn't really know what he was doing. Also, perhaps Tony feels very guilty, that he should have looked in the house for any guns or other weapons that could have been used by Junior to kill himself or others.

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