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One aspect to keep in mind when discussing Janice and Tony's relationship is that both of them are probably about as close as a brother and sister can get. Tony ALWAYS seems to know exactly what Janice is doing, her motivations, and attitudes. He knows what buttons to push with Janice, and vice versus, I'd imagine.

Tony's treatment of Janice obviously doesn't change the fact that Janice is his older sister, that he looked up to her as a kid, and still hasn't forgiven her for leaving the house and Tony alone to deal with mom. Tony has bailed out Janice on more than one occasion, and still looks out for her, even though he knows what she's up to.

Having grown up in a similar situation, I can empathize with Bobby Jr, having a stepmom that obviously likes her own child more. It sucks, but it's just human nature. Janice's stern treatment of the two older children mean she's a BAD parent, just a strict one since her husband doesn't seem to have much of a backbone.

But Chase had to put that scene in the show for a reason. If you look at the circumstances, why did David Chase decide to script and film a scene with that specific dialog? If you take that scene out, and Tony is giving Janice JS's old house, wouldn't that come out of left field? If the scene is displayed as a "cause/effect" transition and explanation for the gift of the house, you'd have to simply assume it's to present Janice in a positive light to Tony, so that Tony would be willing to reward her for something. Otherwise, the scene itself serves no purpose.


Re: Episode Review and General Comments

I feel it has less to do with her parenting skills, or lack of parenting skills.
Tony reminds me a lot of my older brother that passed away a few years ago, he could be really tough on you and bust your balls, but out of the blue he would feel bad for things, and instead of saying he is sorry, he makes up for the bad things by overdoing it.

Despite everything, throughout the show, Tony and Janice have gone at it, and in a way, he likes to see her groveling a bit, but he looks out after her. Look at what he did to the Russian guy.


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