Re: Carmella and her thoughts on where Adrianna is?

She didn't seem satisfied with Tony's explanation. Then she was checking out Chris at the dinner table. She is in denial and doesn't want to think about anyone she knows and loves as being a murderer. The interesting thing is that she is now wondering about Chris having killed Ade, not Tony having done it. She's probably thinking the Chris and Ade could have had a big fight, and Chris killed her. All personal, no business.


Re: Carmella and her thoughts on where Adrianna is?

<blockquote>Quote:<hr> Carmella and her thoughts on where Adrianna is? Do you think she knows the truth?
Is she scared it could happen to her?
Does she believe Chrissy did it?
Does she actually believe she ran off?<hr></blockquote>

She's the wife of a mob boss, how can she not know? She cannot be that naive, or have her head buried that deep in the sand. However, with that being said, my opinion is that she really believes that Chris did the dirty deed.

She even mentioned that they had a very tumultuous relationship, even though Tony called it toxic.

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Re: Carmella and her thoughts on where Adrianna is?

With Tony's BS answer and her mother's comment that Aide had not called for two years, Carmella has had her fears confirmed. She thinks Christopher killed her. If she were to find out she was a rat, it would probably make her feel a bit more at ease. If she found out that Tony took care of it for Chris, she might have a strong reacion and confront him. She is also probably thinking that if could happen to her, it could happen to me or my family. Nasty divorce? It could have been the ultimate divorce.

She doesn't want to admit that people in this business die because of Tony's orders or even directly by his hand, sometimes for no reason that she can understand.


Re: Carmella and her thoughts on where Adrianna is?

Liz LaCerva's revelations deeply rattled Carmela. Unlike the other murders she knows or thinks were committed -- Pussy & Bevalaqua to name two -- this one is doesn't target a true mob insider or player but a family member (fiance). It's easy enough for Carm to live with what happened to the others. Pussy betrayed men to whom he'd sworn life-long loyalty knowing full well the penalty if he was caught. Bevalaqua tried to murder Chris and reaped what he sowed.

But Carm has no idea that Ade was "cooperating" with the Feds. And even if she did, the circumstances were so different that I think she would find her murder far, FAR more difficult to ignore.

Tony's explanation did little to alleviate her concerns. It possibly inflamed them even more since he got a key fact wrong (who dumped whom) and thereby screwed up the whole motive argument he was trying to make re Ade's mom. Significantly to me, Carm challenged him on the point and continued to cast suspicious glances at Chris later on.

If Carm is on the ball, she will see through Tony's rationalization that the FBI would have busted Chris on the spot if they really thought he did it. The FBI don't investigate garden variety murders or domestic homicides. It's not their jurisdiction. For them to be involved at all, it had to have been on much broader, mob-related business.

And if Carm does know this, then surely her allusions to domestic violence were just covers for the more gnawing suspicions she has: that Ade was "whacked" and that Tony, therefore, was behind it.

I go back to something Melfi asked Carm in ep 3. "Are you afraid you won't [love him] when he wakes up?" Carm has to be very afraid of learning the truth about Ade because it could permanently change how she feels about Tony.

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Re: Carmella and her thoughts on where Adrianna is?

Yes indeed....she knows that Ade stayed with Christopher after he lost his spleen, after getting badly beaten by him, after he killed her dog, after his addiction to heroin rendered him impotent. If the fraternal life offered by the mob is more important than the love of a woman like that, Carmela may well be disquieted...not because she's in immediate danger, but because of what it says about the loyalty system of men in her husband's line of work.


Re: Carmella and her thoughts on where Adrianna is?

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>a) Does Carmella know or have suspicions that Tony himself is capable of murder, or that he has murdered people before;<hr></blockquote>

In a first or second season episode, Tony said to Carmella something to the effect of after all these years, don't make me make you an accessory. And from a first season episode, she knows where all the weapons are hidden.

She'd have to be pretty dumb not to know he's capable of murder.


Re: Carmella and her thoughts on where Adrianna is?

In the first or second season when they had to pack up all the loot in the house and hide it at the retirement community she was pretty aware of his "business".

I wonder if she now thinks something DID go on with Tony and Ade when they had the car accident?

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Re: Carmella and her thoughts on where Adrianna is?

Carmella is learning hard and fast that there are Killers in Her Family. Her husband, Her nephew, and her mother-in-law.

This was why Tony was so adament against her finding out AJ planned to kill Junior.

Liz snaps at Carm because all she sees in Carm is the men responsible for murdering her daughter.

Was Richie Liz's brother or the brother of Ade's father? Does anyone know?

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