Vito: Enough Already

Not sure where I want to go with this but I'm getting tired of the tragi-romance of NH Vito.

I don't feel this way because he's gay but of all the syrupy trappings....what the hell? Let me channel Jon Lovitz' old character on SNL and say "I just wanna be loved is that so wrooooonnnnng"
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The longing glances, the winks, the hand holding, the idealized lover (he's a fireman, a biker, a hero, AND he cooks! And he has perfect pecs! WOW!), the all gay (??) volunteer firefighter force....the illicit tryst ala Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr.

And Vito's poor, pathetic wife at home suggesting that a church group can ungay him....and worst of all, his son, his poor son.

What's the point? What is Chase doing with this? Anyone have any ideas?

Feel free to comment/yell/delete/move. Thx, all


Re: Vito: Enough Already

<hr />I get the feeling that wherever it's going, it's going to get there quickly.

After all, having shown the two biker boys having a picnic on a blanket, where can he go next on HBO?

It's just my guess, but I'm thinking the Vito story is all played out except for the whacking.

Come to think of it, that could be a great episode with Phil and his crew all coming to NH and Mr. Johny Cakes and his volunteer crew coming out to defend Vincent. We could see an entire episode devoted to whacking.

That might just be enough to satisfy the bloodlust so many of us have shown wrt Vito. Imagine an hour of blood and gore to satisfy all the past hatred of Vito.

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Re: Vito: Enough Already

Yeah, and then both crews could move into a big dance number in the street outside the diner, ala West Side Story. Beautiful.

How realistic is it that Tony and Vito can attract so much interest from both genders? Makes me wanna gain forty pounds and shave my head...


Re: Vito: Enough Already

That's another thing. We know that Tony gets a ton of action because he's powerful--physically, and he's obviously a "made man". Would he get as much action if he was Kevin Finnerty? No. So what's the attraction of the cook to Vito? That he's a writer and the cook is into the soulful type, or just because hey, his gay-dar is on and any port in a storm?

Again--not denigrating Vito because of his homosexuality. If he had just disgraced his wife/kids and was hooking up soulfully with some hot 40-something female, I'd still take exception to all the syrupy b.s. All that was missing was Bolero playing in the background. If I hear Ravel next ep., I'm gonna throw something at the TV!


Re: Vito: Enough Already

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>How realistic is it that Tony and Vito can attract so much interest from both genders? Makes me wanna gain forty pounds and shave my head...<hr></blockquote>


I agree with the suggestion that the essentials with the Vito storyline could be accomplished with less screen time, although I have no real objection to the amount alloted it. But I do sense that the Vito scenario is going to be another major test for "new" Tony, i.e., how he handles it, whether he does or does not go through with the hit, whether he gives some kind of escape opportunity to Vito first so he can pretend it was all beyond his control, whether he reverses course and stands his ground at the end, in open defiance of those who insist this guy deserves to be killed just because he's queer.

He caved on the sale of the property, but that was far less a moral issue than one of personal conviction and values. In a society that embraces private property ownership, he had every right to sell it (at least if you discount how he came to own it in the first place<img src= ALT=":D"> ). The Vito thing is on a whole different plane.

You could say Tony already had to confront his willingness (post NDE) to kill, and he did it (Rusty). Not sure how to balance that with his obvious conflict over Vito . . . except that the Rusty hit truly seemed to be the ultimate in the perverse compassion of one mob boss for another. A selfless, profitless hit. A big gift.

A similar "justification" is lacking in the Vito situation. We'll see if it makes a difference.


Re: Vito: Enough Already

I think the Vito gay stuff is too much too. I know some like it but it doesnt do anything for me. The first time we saw Vito blowing the guy in the parking lot was okay but now its just too much. The whole love scene with the motorbike guy on blankets was just too brokeback for me. I actually watched Brokeback yesterday day and then watched Sopranos and it was just too much watching guys get it on for one day.

Bring back the whackings......


Re: Vito: Enough Already

Agreed about too much it's a little much but what I don't understand is do people actually watch the show bring back the whackings I mean there aren't usually that many whackings in the Sopranos until the end of the season at least major ones. Last season we got Loraine and her boyfriend in episode 4 then Joey Peeps in in episode 8 this season we have Rusty and his bodyguard so there is one less but we also had the atempt on Tony. Season 4 you had the Ralphie whacking in episode 9 that was the only major whacking. And in season 3 the major whacking was Jackie Jr in the final episode ok you had the Mustang Sally hit earlier but they always happen at the end of the season they build up as this season of course will too whether it's Vito or somebody else we just need to be patient the show has never been about whackings every episode not even violence every episode I am confident we will all be pleased with the way the season climax's and will be ready for the bonus 8 and waiting in agony as usual.


Re: Vito: Enough Already

I think they are overplaying the gay side of Vito. I found the bike ride scenes kinda unconfortable and unnessary. I also have to wonder why a gay guy would hook up with a fat f'er like Vito anyway. Hell even gays like a good looking piece too.
I did like the phone call to his wife, son and using a 'borrowed' phone. I suspect the owner of the phone will call the last number, Vito's call to his wife and tell her "Oh, he is in ....Town, New Hampshire. Then the wife will tell Phil, despite the warning by Vito and well, Phil will 'take care of things'.


Re: Vito: Enough Already

Well when I say whacking its like an expression for me that I want this season to get moving along. The slow build up is killing me and I dont really feel like watching Vito frolic with a biker in the field the same day I watched Brokeback Mountain....for real. <img src= ALT=":rollin">

I know its not all about whacking. I just like the whackings except Ade. I always laugh when people jump all over others for wanting some whackings.

I want the mob guys to act like mob guys. Vito making out with the Villiage People is not what I feel like seeing.

Im sure it will all pay off though...the last few episodes always leave you wanting more....and it is agony waiting for the next season. <img src= ALT=":D">

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