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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>so don giovanni is mozart to artie's salieri<hr></blockquote>

LMFAO <img src= ALT=":rollin">

Does this mean that Da Giovanni will steal Artie's family recipe book and try to pass it off as his own? <img src= ALT=";)">

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Re: Re:Artie and the Bunny/Episode Comments


I don't follow. How exactly did Tony mess up Artie's life? Yes, he burned down Vesuvio, but Nuovo Vesuvio allowed Artie to build up a better restaurant in its place, a restaurant that was successful until Artie lost his focus.

I think Tony was right on in saying that Artie blames everyone else for his own problems. Other than not paying his tab, how has Tony messed up Artie's life?


Re: Re:Artie and the Bunny/Episode Comments

so what? then you finally dont follow me anymore <img src= ALT=";)"> .
seriously, if all this has to offer is the educational stuff for 10 year olds how to focus its pretty poor.and basically tony blew up arties place and artie had to build it up all new, and the insurance paid, not tony.
edit: sorry, just a bit bored atm with the show.

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Benny and the Vesuvio Tab

Does anyone else wonder whether Benny gave the money to Artie on behalf of Tony? I don't recall exactly where in the Benny/Artie conflict Benny received the money. But I want to say it was pretty close to the fight. If he hadn't delivered it before that, I seriously doubt he delivered it at all.

In any case, I'm bothered that Tony would have entrusted Benny with that much cash when Artie wasn't expecting it. At the very least, it's inviting a known crook to skim a good portion off the top since there was no sum certain outstanding that Artie could measure against what was in the envelope.

I dunno. Maybe fear of Tony alone is enough that Benny wouldn't have dared skim or withhold it. But I don't think so. Will be interested to see if this comes up between Artie and Tony . . . and how Tony reacts if in fact Benny skimmed or withheld.


Re: Benny and the Vesuvio Tab

I think that Benny was effectively placated by Tony after being told to leave Artie alone (immediately after having been thrown a beating!) reflects the massive influence Tony has over his underlings, perhaps even moreso the more junior of them such as Benny.

Benny has to err on the side of caution that Artie will bring it up with Tony later, and refer specifically to the amount. Of course Benny knows the relationship T & Artie have as well.

I can't imagine Benny Fazio Criminal Mastermind is stupid enough to skim off that envelope. Burning Artie's hand in the sauce was borderline in itself, IMO, but to deliberately calculate to undermine (and steal from) the boss is another matter entirely - it would likely be curtains for him.


Re: Benny and the Vesuvio Tab

I love Artie's shadowboxing. That cracked me up, his every man beating up Benny (Benny burned his hand, but c'mon, what's this the second time he was beat down? Once from Phil, and the other from Artie). Artie may have burned his hand, but he got a lot of respect character-wise. Still, he had better stop!


Re: Episode Review and General Comments

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Does this mean that Da Giovanni will steal Artie's family recipe book and try to pass it off as his own?<hr></blockquote>

I see Artie creating some delicious recipe, and just before he finishes it, somebody whacks him. It could be called Artie's Unfinished Ragu-K626 <img src= ALT=":rollin">
(You have to be a real Mozart fan to understand the K626) <img src= ALT=";)">


Re: Episode Review and General Comments

Couple things I wanted to say about the episode. I won't say what's been said already...

-We've really got a split on this episode, eh? I think I'm on the side that really likes it. The Artie stuff was great of course, and I enjoyed the Chris stuff also, if only for the human frailty thing. Admit though, that it may not be pertinent to the major theme. But also, it just may. We'll have to wait and see.
-Did anyone else think it was weird that Chris and Little Carmine got on so well? Their relationship seemed a little too friendly to me. Here's the point: Little Carmine - it's common knowledge he's retarded. So seeing that Chris can get along with/relate to him so easily reflects very poorly on Chris I think. I don't know if that was intended, but that's the impression I got. I mean everyone else dismisses Little Carmine as a joke, and Chris is trying to engage his opinion? 'I tried being his friend, I sent muffins...' What's he doing? Is he retarded? That's what I got.
- I liked how the hit on Rusty played out. Very subtle, and it'll cause hell later for sure. The tailors worked well. Even the guy speaking I-Tal carried out very competently. Surprised.
-Someone said they liked Tony more this episode, could relate to him better. Honestly, I felt the opposite. For some reason, I felt a severe dis-like for him this episode (probably the strongest I ever have). Probably b/c he was such an ass to Artie. He never should've allowed that scam to go on at Artie's. And he should've raised hell once he found out about it. First of all, Artie is his oldest, best friend. His underlings harmed Artie.. Tony should've raked them over the coals. Even putting that aside completely. It's tremendously bad for business. That restaraunt is a known hangout of theirs. The FBI is probably all over it, survelience wise. How could Benny be so stupid as to pull a scam there? It didn't look like they intended to follow this storyline, but realistically, the FBI should be pursuing that like a very hot lead. So Tony should've done something about. That brings me to the other thing I didn't like. Tony's indecisiveness. I've always seen that as a major weakness of Tony's. I could'nt believe it in S5 when Carmine said 'decisive as he is, I would've been proud to call him my own son.' Tony's not decisive! He's impulsive - there's a very big difference. How long does it take Tony to make a decision, especially one he doesn't like? How long did he take with Eugene? Tony B? Carmine? Pussy? Ralphie? I could go on... And the problem in indecision is inaction. Tony's inaction in this episode was really annoying. He hardly dealt with anything in a direct, resolute manner. He just kinda talked a lot. Hell, he didn't even decide on Vito - 'we'll deal with him if he turns up' he says. Maybe it's part of his change, his reluctance to 'get his hands dirty' - but that seems like a poor manifestation of the change. It just makes him lazy and too soft (in the bad way), not really more ethical. I dunno.. maybe that contributes to his downfall later on...
- On a less serious note, the women in this episode!! The stripper Artie can't fuck. The hooker Chris fucks. Even Benny's wife. And of course, my favourite, Martina. My gawd! It was hard to concentrate when she was on screen.
- Was this the least we've ever seen Carm in a single episode? (just that boat scene and Phil's confirmation)
-Oh! Did anyone catch that GF3 reference? 'and you know I'm gonna eat here until I fall off the chair' I loved it. Meaning of course, 'till he dies - referencing Michael Corleone's ultimate demise. In fact, looked at broadly, it's plausible that it's a subtle clue that Tony's begun to think there may be another possible ending for him then just the two he earlier told Melfi about. I know he said 'dead', but he meant clipped. Now he means a peacefull death...

That's all I can think of for now...

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