Re: Favorite Episode Quotes

When Tony and Chris are talking at the wedding about the Rusty hit and Godfather 1:

Chris: "Better yet, tell New York to f***in' handle it already"

Tony: "John just asked me specifically"

chris: "So it's like the movie then"

tony: "What movie?"

Chris: " One. That you can't refuse a man's request on his daughter's wedding day"

Tony: "No it's the other way around - that I should be asking him for something he can't refuse"

Chris: "So did you?"

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Re: Favorite Episode Quotes

Tony to his new bodyguard Perry:

Tony: "Yeah I gotta get back to the gym"

Perry: "If you want I can make you a program"

Tony: "There was a time when I could bench over 300 pounds"

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