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Anyone notice that Vito went to the toilet and was in there for over an hour and a half? I was thinking that T or Paulie was going to see what he was up to and find him giving head to someone.

Great ep tho.


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billymac72261 wrote:
<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Another take on Paulie beating up Jason Barone: I saw it as a way for Paulie to give a beating to his birth mother, since both are wearing the same Scuba shoes.<hr></blockquote>

Paulie taking the pipe to Jason's kneecap, and insisting Jason kick up $4k a month to him will be his downfall.

Tony "gave his word" to Jason's mother that no harm would come to her son. When Tony finds out (and he will) what Paulie did to JB, the "$hit will hit the fan." It could be curtains for Paulie.

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Agreed that this will def. come back to haunt Paulie. It'll probably start with the widow Barone approaching Tony saying, "You gave me your word you sonofabitch; now his career is ruined yada yada" and Tony'll be like, "WTF?"

Paulie has placed his share of straws on the camel's back. This could be at or near the breaking point.

I don't necessarily see it as a way to take out a beating on his birth mother as much as jealousy towards Jason at having a birth mother that loved him the way Paulie's never did. Sort of an, "I didn't have it, so it's not fair that you should either," attitude, which dovetails quite nicely back into the selfishness theme. Curious to see if he bristles at Carm's unconditional love for AJ as a result of this.

There are SO MANY directions this show could be taken with what we've seen so far. I LOVE IT!


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yes, I think it was VERY big that Carm commented on Vito....she is usually never that direct with T's coworkers. And although she saw both Vito and Paulie give "that look" in the elevator, it was Vito she emphasized.

Maybe she figures someone close to T has taken a whack at him once, she doesn't want it happening again. I kind of liked that she spoke up.


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I could see them making a move against Tony at some point. I don't know if it would be because he was mad (which I take as meaning insane). I guess I could see them taking action after Uncle Jr.'s issues, but I don't know if it would go as far as killing him. They would kill him for other reasons, but not because of a deteriorating mental condition. Unless, of course there were other factors involved.


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