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I think this is different. In their world he is totally justified in what he's trying to do, even if they are trying to stop him. In fact, this may be his entre into the mob world - a big kill that no one can hold against him. Instant status and respect. They'll make him a soldier for this.

In her heart of hearts Carmella may regard it as the first useful thing he's ever done for them even if she would scream at him if she found out.


Re: Difficult, but not impossible


I'm afraid I have to COMPLETELY disagree with you. I think in her heart of hearts it is Carmela's worst nightmare that AJ would pick up "the life".

She wants him to learn a work-ethic. I think she would love for him to turn out like her cousin Brian (minus the corrupting influence that Tony provided).

But I think she would absolutely despair if she learned that AJ had bought a gun, and if he actually shot Uncle Junior, I think that would tear apart both Carm and Tony. I don't think either one even subconsciously wants him to join the life, in fact I think they are completely against the very idea.


Re: Difficult, but not impossible

Possibly, but that's the least of my concerns at the moment. Mob reprisals against the son of the boss would be a bit down the road, I'm more interested in the immediate effect such an event would have on Tony, Carm, Meadow, and AJ himself.

I don't believe he has the stones at this point to be able to handle killing someone, let alone someone who has been in and around his life his entire life. "Mummy" accusations aside, I think AJ would be seriously messed up in the head if he shot Uncle Junior, let alone how the rest of the immediate family would react to it.

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