Re: It's Clear that Only Carm, Meadow and AJ Love Tony...

Chicoxl, I agree with you for the most part. You can count on one hand the number of these wiseguys that truly have the capacity to love in a way that carries any semblance of nobility. Tony is one of them.

I've never thought Chris had the capacity to love anyone (his "love" for Ade was revealed in the moment he traded her life for his Hummer) with the exception of Tony. And even though he's never outright betrayed him, he's hovered so close on several occasions that his finally doing so would be no great shock. Silvio proved -- as usual -- to be the most loyal to Tony of his immediate crew.

I also think Bobby has probably developed some genuine feelings for him cause Bobby's just that kind of guy and because they are family now in more ways than one. Other than that, it's slim pickings.


Re: It's Clear that Only Carm, Meadow and AJ Love Tony...

i think it's pretty obvious that Silvio does indeed care about Tony. he really didn't want to go in and see Tony in a coma, partly because of his own fears, but I think it had more to do with the fact that seeing it made it real to him. when he enters the room Carm has to go behind him and sort of "escort" him towards Tony. to me, the look on his face was pure sadness. even though he was freaked out by all of what he was seeing, he still reached for Tony's hand. to me, that was him saying, "i'm with ya, T". Silvio is definately Tony's true "friend".
as far as Chrissie, he loves Tony, but he also has big ideas for himself and he's still young and a bit foolish. hopefully he won't do anything stupid. if he does, and he gets himself whacked, i could see the door opening for AJ.
Paulie cares about T to an extent, but he is lookin' at for #1 at all costs.
Vito, this douchebag is going the way of Richie and Ralphie. he's had the worse thing a guy like him could have, justified dellusions of moving up to the big chair. he really thought Tony was dying, and then when Sil got sick he decides that he's not gonna give Carm the money she's owed! that guy is gonna make a power play and it will probably involve laying in bed with NY.
Bobby was bedside when Tony was about to expire. the look on his face showed me that he cares about Tony. maybe for selfish reasons, but nonetheless he wants Tony in charge. i look for Bobby to really step up in rank among the captains.


Re: bobby's rank

Many on the boards were saying Sil would be the "Judas", but he was the one saying to give Carmela the money, Tony would have never known, the others wanted her cut out.
I predict Paulie will now have to make a play about Vito to get any and all suspicion off of him for not paying up right away, Carmella saw the looks on their faces, and I think she put it all together and realized they were cutting them out and only paid because they had to.
I think Silvio saw what the big chair was like and did not like it.
Everyone thinks that they can handle the other guys job until they have to do it.

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