the new acting boss

Did you notice that Paulie and Vito looked kind of disgruntled when Sil announced the new arrangement?

How will it go down with them having to pay Sil now, will there be any beef arising out of this?

Also who was the guy standing between Paulie and Vito???

I think I have never seen him before...


Re: the new acting boss

Sorry this is semi O/T but have you noticed that Sil is the only major character still around since the 1st season who has never had an episode/storyline revolve around him?

Chris,Paulie, Carmella, Meadow, AJ, Junior and Johnny Sack have all had at least one storyline that focused on them.

Sil's basically been the guy in the background giving orders from Tony and making the funny facial expressions.

Now that he's acting boss hopefully we'll get to see more of him.


Re: the new acting boss

that guy is fucking brutal, remember him saying this episode about eugene 'that poor fuck probably suffered from some unoperable cancer or some shit'? either meaning his florida story or that he might be involved with the fbi pretty soon.
then how he got rid of adriana was pretty brutal too.
and how he beat up ralphies girlfriend.

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fucking brutal?

In case you forgot, these guys aren't doctors and priests...they're mobsters. So really, I guess saying he's brutal would be a compliment<img src= ALT=":rollin"> . Sil is Tony's consigliare, his right hand man, so it's a natural fit.


Re: fucking brutal?

well, with such an obvious grimace you are bound to fail if you act normally.
but then again... these guys arent mobsters, these are characters in a comedy show.

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