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LMAO, how can a show make you cry? I know sopranos has been on for 6 season and your attached to the characters but common. See what soaps at a young age does to some kids, it screws them up <img src= ALT=":D">


Re: I am a grown man...

Films/shows I have completely lost it with are few and far between. I came to this forum interested in what others thought of the "dream sequences" and here I find this thread.

I completely and totally lost it during that last scene with Tony, and just thinking about it right now is getting me choked up. I don't know what it was... The music... The beautiful way it was filmed... From the minute Tony enters the hotel room by himself to the final picture of him sitting there alone on the bed...

There was such a sense of lonliness there...

Never thought I'd lose it to an episode of the Sopranos of all things... Yipes...

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